Is this Broken? ABS Sensor

berg, Mar 14, 4:53am
Yep, thats busted. Have seen a few vehicles do this. Time for a new sensor. Plenty of CRC to get the remaining bit back out.

intrade, Mar 14, 4:59am
and try to use autofocus when you take pix

dasfi, Mar 14, 5:29am
Sweet as, so it just the other half of the sensor thats in there right! it should all slide out as one piece! and will i have to take the hub off to pust it out from the other side!

for_an_angel, Mar 14, 6:41am
Ram a 10mm drill through it's guts and a flat blade screw driver will do the rest of the extraction.

dasfi, Jul 18, 11:09am
ha ha got the whole thing out but ended up having to remove the whole hub off lol