If my abs sensor is broken?

dasfi, Mar 20, 8:02am
will that also affect the traction control!
as my abs and traction control lights are all on

dent, Mar 20, 8:04am
yup on alot if not all car these systems work together. What sorta vehicle!

dasfi, Mar 20, 8:11am
1992 corona, sweet as just wanted to know, abs sensor is broken and am trying to find a new one, but without it, iv got warning lights everywhere, thought they were linked but always pays to check, Cheers

fordcrzy, Mar 20, 8:14am
is it the sensor or just the plug.try swapping it one from the other side and see if the fault code follows it.

dasfi, Mar 20, 8:19am
its actual sensor, hav taken it out and yep its broken
just trying to source a new one, but thats pretty hard, everybody tells me a 1992 st191 corona with abs and traction control is rare!

dent, Aug 7, 3:53pm
yeah thats a new one on me