How do I repair a broken oil dipstick tube-Nissan?

beachboy61, Jun 6, 11:21am
We have a 2002 Nissan March and the tube in which the dipstick runs has broken off at or near the engine block and the tube and dipstick arenow detached from the car.
I'm away at present, so haven't seen them, but I'd be grateful for any advice on whether this is something a regular garage can repair or a specialist Nissan job!
Anyone had this repair done recently! What is required for the repair and how much did it cost!Where's a good place to get it repaired in SE. Auckland!

foxdonut, Jun 6, 1:55pm
Yesh. How on earth did that happen!

No idea here sorry. I'm guessing it will need a weld, which will be an absolute major - Almost definitely requiring the motor to come out and be flushed clean so there's no oil there to ignite during welding. Its also a small part and will need a good welder to do the job.

The oil of course will need to be replaced afterwards, and probably other fluid like coolant in the radiator.

You're sure its not just the handle has come off the dipstick!

lugee, Jun 6, 2:02pm
I know of engines where the dipstick tube is screwed in, which would mean simply unscrewing the broken tube and screwing in a new one.

pollymay, Jun 6, 4:51pm
My 3sge did this and it was a pressed in thing. So I positioned it then welded up a bracket to hold it in place bolted to the block and threw some cold weld around the slight seeping crack where it had broken.

Motor blew up 3 days later but it blew up with a damn fine dipstick repair on it.

mrcat1, Jun 6, 9:22pm
Do you not think there might be another way!

lookoutas, Jun 6, 9:27pm
Is there any part of the tube sticking out!
If so you could sleeve it and use some of that cold weld. And make a bracket too!

im_andrew, Jun 6, 9:48pm
Any workshop should be able to whip it off and braze/ezflow it up in a few minutes. The other option is a genuine replacement from nissan.

Unless the dipstick tube is cast into the block, the engine shouldnt need to come out.

oscar220, Jun 6, 10:24pm
Had the same thing happen to me. it broke flush with the engine. I put it back in place, the broken dipstick tube bolted to the engine engine which gave good support I then sealed it with Silastic then inserted a length of copper tube, worked fine. dipstick was very narrow type which was able to fit inside the copper tube.

foxdonut, Jun 7, 12:18am
Having never even heard of a such a thing happen I'm interested to know how it's repaired if it does.

beachboy61, Jun 7, 3:23am
Message to oscar220:
Sounds exactly like my problem,but I don't quite understand how you connected the broken tube to the engine block if it broke off flush! (or was there a small stub of tube sticking out that you were able to sleeve with the copper pipe!).
What type of Silastic did you use!
I'd appreciate more details if you could, and maye even a contact!

jason_247, Jun 7, 10:43am
how did i expect that of you.

i had one that was leaking on a 3sge, it had a bracket up top so i pulled it out put a little gasket glue round the bottom then bolted it back up

pollymay, Jun 7, 10:58am
Cause I'm hardcore gangsta and my repairs are tyte yo

jason_247, Jun 7, 11:37am
this is where i say the only reason the dipstick tube is broken is because the block is twisting and obviously they need to dial the nos back abit

beachboy61, Jun 8, 8:56am
I wonder why we get idiots like jason_247 makingstupid and uninformed remarks like his last one above! It might of been the reason your dipstick tube broke jason, but it certainly wasn't the reason for mine.

im_andrew, May 21, 6:56am
Bro, you dont run NOS on your march! I hear its the only way to crack a 12 sec quarter in one of those