Best place to buy tyres in chch?

ryanm2, Jun 1, 5:28am
need a set of 215 / 45 / R17. The beurapaires 'sale' is less than attractive as other places like Tony's just match their price anyway (after much discussion). Any places where people recommend! I dont need a performance set. Thanks.

bobwyn, Jun 1, 7:45am
I got a set of 18s from Adens tyres in Oamaru best price I could find.

noswalg, Jun 1, 8:14am
I bought a set of tyres off Adens too, Awesome trader and very recommended by me (Superfast delivery)

hijacka, Jun 1, 10:11am
Went into Kats the other day and he sold me some 215/40/17 kingstar(which are made by dunlop) for 148each fitted, they had it ready the same day even thou they had to get tyres shipped in from supplier. very impressed with service and price. the tread looks nice and tyre seems to handle well, i would say its a good compromise between a soft more exspensive tyre(that will wear faster)and one thats hard compound and cheap.anyway i don't think i could get anymore for that amount of $$ i could take a pic if you like!

r15, Jun 1, 11:14am
i find kingstars too are reasonable for a cheap tyre, they are quite noisy though ive found

sctoyota, Jun 2, 3:29am
Kingstars are no a bad midrange tyre (made and sold by hankook). Will be a good price from most places.

ryanm2, Jun 2, 8:33am
Ok, are directional tyres better/safer than uni directionals! Also, any preference on Dayton , Wan Li , Goodride or Kingstar brands!

zephyrheaven, Jun 2, 8:46am
I can do the Kingstars as mentioned above for around $150ea incl fit / balance / dumping or a better Hankook for $165 inc

Dont have Kumho prices handy at home but theyve had some sharp specials on the go

Shoulda tried me hijacka - could have done them $10 cheaper at current special

ryanm2, Jun 2, 8:53am
and how much is the going rate these days for an alignment if full set of tyres purchased! cheers.

zephyrheaven, Jun 2, 8:59am
I only get Royce at Maxim to do all of mine, he is a legend & charges $69 - has tonnes of experience & a small busy shop. You may be alarmed at the price - he actually aligns your steering & suspension unlike a "$30 wheel alignment" which is generally a toe & blow & a printout

steelman3, Jun 2, 9:12am
that Tony fella wouldn't let me off the phone till i brought his tyres just kept dropping the price till i said i was on the way, thats the way to run a bussiness.

vpholdie, Jun 2, 9:41am
Daytons are good value for money esp in your size

eeyore06, Jun 2, 11:58pm
Goodness me, don't go telling too many people how great Royce is - I won't be able to discover my warrrant is due to expire tomorrow, ring him and have it booked in the next day.But seriously, I 110% agree with you he is brilliant and would highly recommend him.

zephyrheaven, Jun 3, 8:01am
Really! I had to have a shower after the last time I went there - I felt all dirty from the over compensation

zephyrheaven, Jun 3, 8:02am
He is lord of all aligning & a top bloke to boot - if only he had a bigger shop & could work more than the 12 hour days he does now

flybye_in_a_rx7, Jun 4, 2:49am
as he said. thanks for saving me the typing

hijacka, Jun 4, 7:02am
Bugger! oh well wasn't shopping around for price beats, just spear of the moment thing really, just finished a job in Kaipoi and stopped in at the shell to get a pie and drink and spotted the kats building behind the shell station and thought id get some prices and figured i prob cant get any better than that so paid and dropped off wheels around 2pm got phone call 3hours later(wheels ready). Hey, I need fullset for another wagon thou, just got those 16 bbs early gtb wheels on it, any recommendations or prices zeph or anyone! think there like 205/55/16!

hijacka, Jun 4, 7:06am
Lol The first thing the guy from kats said to me when i asked for some prices was"we don't do written quotes" Haha

noswalg, May 8, 3:59am
Wan Li's are shit don't touch them with a barge pole, I've got a set on my car now (the dealer put on a new set when I bought it) done 18000kms on them and only about 1/2 worn but they are noisy and no grip, just about put me off the ohakune mountain rd last winter. In comparison a couple of years ago I had some kingstars on a Libero and found them quite good pretty grippy (quite impressive in the snow) and i think they were about $120 each fitted