El fairmont starting issues. The motor has spark but does not seem to be getting fuel i pulled out number 1 plug and it is dry d

typhoon666, May 29, 11:37pm
the motor has spark but does not seem to be getting fuel i pulled out number 1 plug and it is dry does anyone have any suggestions!

typhoon666, May 29, 11:43pm
It is a 4ltr 6 cylinder.I have recently replaced the alternator with a second hand unit because it was putting out to much voltage.

mugenb20b, May 30, 3:09am
Check all your fuses and fusible links first. Next, change your fuel pump relay with another one that looks the same in your fuse box, like A/C or fan etc. See how you go.

crzyhrse, May 30, 4:19am
Check if the fuel pump is priming (it does that as soon as you switch the ignition key to IGNITION position, just before START). Then report back.

typhoon666, May 30, 5:58pm
Sounds like the fuel is running constantly it is humming nonstop from the tank end.I pulled the battery out charged it up put it in and it started ran for about 30 seconds then stopped it turns over but wont start back up and the rad fans are turning over slowly.

mrfxit, May 30, 9:17pm
Swap over the battery for a good unit.
If that doesn't do it then swap over the coil pack.
Over voltage could have over stressed a few things & the coil pack is a common problem on the 4ltrs.
yes I know you said it's got spark & the plug is dry but . been there done that last year & despite everything pointing to no where in particular, it was the coil pack.

crzyhrse, May 30, 9:48pm
ELs don't have a coil pack. They're distributor.

crzyhrse, May 30, 9:52pm
Oh, and generally the coils fail on them because of un-maintained distributor caps.

The fuel pump should not be running constantly. Check the operation of the fuel pump relay (I think it's one of the ones under the surge tank - can't quite remember). It may be sticking due to burned contacts and the burn may also be increasing the resistance meaning the pump is only getting 9V.

taranaki63, May 31, 1:33am
fuel filter left handside under pass door

typhoon666, May 31, 6:52am
I replaced the dizzy cap,rotor,leads,plugs a few years back i might check out that fuel pump relay.Thanks for the replies.

typhoon666, May 31, 5:38pm
Where is the surge tank positioned!

crzyhrse, May 31, 11:16pm
Directly behind the battery.

johnf_456, Jun 1, 12:51am
They have a coil pack eh!

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