What to buy, DIESEL or Petrol for family car

mrcat1, May 27, 10:00am
My brother in law worked it out properly a few years back, it was something like 45,000 km's per year. Anything under that petrol was cheaper, it didn't include if your doing alot of towing etc, where it might take it back to 30-35,000km's per year.

gerbil60, Oct 1, 7:46am
with the road use charge is it really cheaper to buy and old diesel! or maybe just a smaller engine on a petrol.mmm need a ute, double cab to fit the kids and their crap.well and mine on the back, with no worries is wet or if its got sand.

cubasesx, Oct 1, 7:57am
Way to many Pros and Cons Plus opinions vary so much, work out how much you have to spend on a vehicle, then look at all the double cab utes in that price range and narrow down engine options at that point

intrade, Oct 1, 8:21pm
lets put it this way if you want a tinicar thena dieselwill cost you more money then a petrol. i did my calculations and even my most economical fiat 1.7 diesel who uses5.3 liter diesel per 100km will nowbe beaten by a 1000cc or below car if i pay ruc and buy diesel at pumps and add the additive to not havediesel pump problems. for larger diesel it is now almost the same as petrol and only when you tow something all the time you will still be better off with a diesel. but still needeconomical powerfull diesel orthe petrol will just be the same. having sayd this could change if petrol goes up and diesel stayslow. but you could switch to lpg on a petrol powerd larger car.

poohy99, Oct 1, 9:37pm
Getting a good price at time of purchase is likely to be a bigger factor for a recreational-use vehicle

boxburger, Oct 1, 10:18pm
There is a km threshold with most vehicles when operating a diesel variant becomes cheaper. eg: A Toyota Prado. After factoring in all the extras, more expensive/frequent servicing, RUC etc, say.up to 10,000kms a year, the petrol might be the more economical. Beyond 10k the diesel might become the more economical. #1 Have a look at your annual mileage and the relevant diesel/petrol specs for the model you're interested in, cost of ownership etc. Work it out. Make a calculated decision. As Poohy says, the other thing to consider is the rate of depreciation. Research price retention for the petrol/diesel variants as well. Factor that into your decision too. If towing lots, petrol engine fuel consumption seems to spike more than diesels.

intrade, Nov 29, 6:53pm