What petrol to buy

campmother2002, May 26, 8:25am
I have just bought a 1985 2lt mitsubishi l200 sport ute,unsure which octane rating to use

jasongroves, May 26, 8:39am
Minimum recommended is 91.

grangies, May 26, 8:42am
Both fuels are unleaded so you have no choice, regarding lead fuels.

So what will it matter!

It's more of a performance issue.

jasongroves, May 26, 8:43am
Who mentioned anything about lead! There is more than 2 different types/octane/blend of fuel available too;)

mybaby, May 26, 8:43am
Are you seeing things we cant!

skyline_guy_r34, May 26, 9:23am
Whats the compression ratio!

campmother2002, May 26, 10:35am
Don't know, have got no information at all!

henderson_guy, May 26, 10:41am
I have a '97, found it runs best on 95.

cp2011, May 26, 11:16pm
yes ive found they run best on the highter octane stuff

elvis58, May 26, 11:55pm
The old g63b in those run fine on 91. They have a bad habit of having stuffed vac advance units on the distributor if you are having problems.I don't believe you will notice any difference running it on a higher octane fuel.

johnf_456, May 26, 11:57pm
91 will be fine

antwerp87, Apr 5, 3:18pm
E10 Is great if your in an area that can get it. As long as you maintain it and run 95 in it once every 6 months or so it will go like a charm. Was using it the entire time I was in Brisbane. Saved so much money and really didnt cause that much wear and tear either