SR 20 starter motor, Hard to replace?

dasfi, May 22, 10:04am
Sr20 Auto, up under inlet manafold, looks like a prick of a job, anyone done one!

carmedic, May 22, 10:14am
10mins tops

jono2912, May 22, 10:18am
Good luck

dasfi, May 22, 10:20am
na its 2wd, looks like its a real prick, have to do it from underneath!

bae13, May 22, 10:22am
yer good luck tryn to find it

dasfi, May 22, 10:25am
its front wheel drive, iv found it, just looks difficult

carmedic, May 22, 10:40am
Disconnect battery
Unbolt from above 2x 14mm through bell housing.
Undo 12mm nut on power lead and unplug solenoid wire then withdraw from below.
Some have a brace from the block to the manifold (12mm bolts) in the way some don??

dasfi, May 22, 9:18pm
All done Cheers guys, was easier than it looked

johnf_456, May 23, 12:28am
Good to hear

dasfi, May 23, 1:58am
So i have it out, I put jumper cables on a car battery, negative wire on the flat spade terminal on starter and positive on the nut where i took the big wire off, nothing at all no movement or noise, time for a second hand one i think

rpvr, May 23, 3:47am
The spade terminal would be the solenoid connection, wouldn't it! I would suggest positive to the nut as you stated, negative to the starter body (say by the mounting lug), then bridge the solenoid terminal to positive with a screwdriver and see if it kicks over.

NZTools, May 23, 3:51am
nd even then, it will probably kick over fine, but not when it's trying to turn the engine over as well.

franc123, May 23, 5:36am
Be weary of second hand starters on those things, they are a bit of a lottery, especially if its a Hitachi one, it would be best to first find out if the one you have is serviceable or not, in many cases they're not economic to fix if theres been commutator damage (common).You might get another one that seems OK and three months later you are back to square one again.If you're planning on keeping the car for a while its better to just put a whole new one on, they aren't as expensive as you'd think.

dasfi, May 23, 10:23am
Done that and nothing at all, but anyway wouldnt that just be shorting it out!

jono2912, May 23, 10:50am
Get it reconditioned mate. About 137 dollars for the whole thing.

No more problems then.

skin1235, May 23, 9:52pm
new brushes and a new end bush, but getting someone to do it for less than a second mortgage is the issue

jsbike, May 23, 10:08pm
so was my ex.

bae13, May 24, 9:43am
thats a fairly accurate about price there jono2912lol

bae13, May 24, 9:44am
now thats sharp!

bubbles244, Mar 29, 9:05am
its the build up of carbon from the brushes in the motor windings that cause the fault. which is from age, not fault.