Broken fan belt on car.? approximate cost to fix

paua78, May 22, 12:58am
Hi sorry this is probably one of those 'how long is a piece of string' type questions but my car fan belt broke yesterday (according to the AA man) and it's waiting up at the garage for someone to have a look at it next week. I've got to pay some bills online today and just hoping for a possible estimate of the likely cost from someone, so I can put some money aside !

Thanks for any advice : )

zoltec45, May 22, 1:03am
A fan belt would be around $12. But that wouldnt stop a car running and causing you to ring the AA man, and most cars dont run fan belts. If what you mean is the CAMBELT, depending on the car it could be thousands to fix, resulting in a rebuilt engine or a new engine all together

zoltec45, May 22, 1:04am
So as per usual we need more information about the problem. What car! What year! What engine! What were the circumstances that caused you to ring the AA man! Was the car towed away etc etc etc

pup2, May 22, 1:09am
Fan belts run from stuff all up to about a hundred roughly. To find out for sure, give repco or supercheap a call and ask for the price for a fan belt. Mech will prob charge a min 15mins labour to fit it. So that bit depends on their hourly rate.I would expect nothing more than about $20

pup2, May 22, 1:11am
O yea, the length of a bit of string is usually just shorter than you needed it

paua78, May 22, 1:15am
Thanks for the replies : )

The car started fine and drove fine, except for the horrible noise it was making.I called the AA man as I was worried that driving it any further would do more damage.He managed to pull out a piece of shredded !fan belt and that stopped the noise, but told me not to drive it anywhere apart from the garage up the road.It's a Mazda Mx6, 1992, jap import.

crzyhrse, May 22, 2:23am
Waiting until next week to have an accessory belt replaced! Why! Surely you must know someone who could do it for you! Just go and buy a replacement belt from a local auto parts shop and have it fitted. ½ hour job, max.

It's really not rocket surgery!

fordguy17, May 22, 6:52am
Don't get the garage to do it. They will charge you a fortune. Get the belt from super cheap and I could probably do it for you seeing as you are in Dunedin.

foxdonut, May 22, 6:56am
Budget around a hundy to be safe.

fordguy17, May 22, 6:58am
If it's actually an accessory belt and not the cam belt, budget for $25 max. My partner has a Ford Probe which has the same engine as an MX6 and it cost her about $15-25 for a belt a while back.

gunhand, May 22, 6:59am
Dont you hate when ya string comes up short. And ifits a run of the mill belt and you get it from repco and they want to charge you $40 laugh and say, now give it to me for the proper price.

foxdonut, May 22, 6:59am

What are tonights lotto numbers! Can your crystal ball tell us that too!

stevo2, May 22, 7:06am
and did the garage fit it for free!

jono2912, May 22, 10:46am
He probably fitted it himself actually. Just like he offered to fit the OPs.

crzyhrse, May 22, 11:59am
Reckon it'd still be running if it was the cambelt and the AA guy would say it's OK to drive it to the garage with the cambelt coming apart!

Best you STFU lest you make a bigger fool of yourself.

fordguy17, Mar 22, 4:43pm
Exactly. Who said anything about going to a garage!