hijacka, May 3, 3:43am

thejazzpianoma, May 3, 3:50am
LOL, quality.

cuda.340, May 3, 3:51am
maybe 1k if it's tidy

fordguy17, May 3, 4:57am
Is it white! $3k+ depending on the condition.

unclejake, May 3, 5:20am
Nah, It is worth more that that if it is tidy. $3k seems about right and perhaps a bit more.Only the 3.3 litre wagons seemed to come out in floorchange - unless you went for an S Pac - but that doesn't really make it more valuable

cuda.340, May 3, 6:18am
it's only an XF so she's an oldie but no chance of being a classic & the 3.3 means shes also a pig.

franc123, May 3, 6:53am
I don't know what you are cracking jokes for, even a scrapheap XF is still preferable to being seen in anything manufactured by Subaru or Honda.Anyway could be anywhere between $1500-3500 depending on its condition.

kdcentralni, May 3, 7:18am
Is it an 85 first of the XF, it must be a borg warner reverse up out and over to the left, I had the same running gear in a XE.

kdcentralni, May 3, 7:20am
I would say $2800-$3500 to the right buyer, a real tidy XF fairmont ghia 4.1 auto 145k low owner example sold for $1600 at auction.

gmc350, Mar 18, 1:15pm
How much gas is in it!