Au falcon leak by brake pedal after heavy rain

jason18, May 17, 7:59am
Any ideas where I should be looking. My feet get a few drips on them. Is there any places that are common! Also is it easy to change the alternator belt

jash3, May 17, 8:02am
It always seems to leak through the air vents and yes to the belt i mean not to hard.

jason18, May 17, 8:06am
Oh ok sweet as will do the belt. Im guessing there is a tensioner that I push down to let tension off!

johnf_456, May 17, 8:15am
Drags fish out, to face the music.

jason18, May 17, 8:22am
Seems to be a common problem through the air vents. anyway to fix!

johnf_456, May 17, 8:28am
I assume you have checked the plastic sheets inside the door jason still exist.

jason18, May 17, 8:28am
Oh k thanks again mate, Will do it myself. I noticed the bonnet had a sticker on it with the location of belt

jason18, May 17, 8:30am
Doesnt seem to come from doors johnf. It drips at the brake pedal. Will have a look now with a light since its pissing down. Its only a tiny bit.

johnf_456, May 17, 8:32am
All good just thought its worth a shot, since often people fail to put it back properly when doing speakers etc.

jason18, May 17, 9:09am
Holy crap cheers fish, I had been seaching those forums but didnt look up leaking windscreen. Was looking up leak by footwell haha. All the rubbers look good and tight. Will do the silicon trick tomorrow me thinks! Legend. And cheers John I had same problem in my primera!

johnf_456, May 17, 9:14am
No worrys Jason, I've come across it a few times myself, but do the windscreen fix on yours and it should be ok. I'm tempted to get one of these cars myself.

jason18, May 17, 9:15am
hell yeah Im totally stoked with mine aye. Plenty of power and huge amount of room! Happily sacrifice a little economy for room and power

roys351, May 17, 9:18am
every falcon i have had has leaked somewhere in interior if it dosent leak its not a falcon but i still love them

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