Buying a 1994 camry s/w

shedz2, May 13, 11:23am
Looking at buying this 1994 camry S/w for our daughter and hubby to cart around there 2year old special needs little boys gear. as he cant sit or walkwith out his special aids. Any advice on what faults to look for on inspection would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

franc123, May 13, 11:31am
No real faults with those, as always a good PP inspection is always wise to see how its been treated.They are pretty hard to beat as a good reliable wagon.

jmma, May 13, 11:36am
My untrained eye thinks it may have had a frontal, both guards look different colour and pin stripe missing, Worth checking

jason18, May 13, 6:59pm
Overpriced too. I would think that you could pick up that for like 2k-2.5k I reciently bought a ford wagon 99 with less kms If you want room look at an AU wagon. I got mine for 4.2km

shedz2, May 13, 10:12pm
What would it cost to get the cam belt replaced on a camry! Cheers.

_peas, May 13, 10:54pm
Cambelt is cheap and basic.I would say $500 would see you there.I own one of these albeit in slightly more used condition!Check the engine mounts, one of them is a hydraulic one and I have been told that it is fairly expensive.I have honestly had no worries with mine at all.Its just too basic for anything to go wrong.The worst side of them is that they are in the running for ugliest wagon about.Heaps of room as well especially if you fold one of the rear seats down. the shame is that the rear seat base is all one piece so folding just one down won't go down flat.

geoff_m, Feb 17, 9:12pm
We have a 2.2l Gracia Camry. The 4banger is no ball of fire, but simple and reliable. Still tows a trailer ok. Lots of space. Open road handling is soft
They are pretty long (longer than a range rover) - make sure it fits in the garage. This is why ours is usually outside.