The future for Australian cars?

sr2, May 6, 10:05am

clark20, May 6, 10:18am
However they do export a lot as well (well not ford)

franc123, May 6, 10:23am
Yep, I'd agree that there problems are not only in the domestic market, but in the export one too, the value of their $ is spiralling out of control and of course making imported cars cheaper by comparison and whatever they export very expensive.The subject has been raised many times over the years starting in the late '70's and the reality is that any politician who willingly puts that many jobs at stake in Aussie industry will get a DCM at best and a savage and fatal kicking at worst from a militant Victorian/SA workforce.

chris_051, May 6, 10:51am
It is not just a shift away from Australian cars, the whole market has been downsizing over the last 10 years. A lot of fleets over there are restriced by policy to 4 cylinder cars. Ford have shot them self in the foot by dropping the wagon, dedicated LPG, RTV ute, base model V8 and XR8, and also bringing the goods too late to the table, and how long do you reckon Holden can keep the VE going, not too bad to look at from the outside even after 5 years but gee that interior is shithouse. Seems as though they are setting them selves up for an early death.

ryanm2, May 6, 7:04pm
One more shithouse series from either Ford or Holden and i would imagine they are gone. Mitsubishi killed themsleves with the 380.

mopsy3, May 7, 1:35am
Actually Ford are bringing back the V8 by 2013.Using the same engine as FPV but not supercharged.

skully13, May 7, 2:58am
I can't figure out what Ford Australia are thinking, it is like the Americans control them way to much. The Falcon is a better car than anything that comes from Ford US, yet they don't want it. They don't put any development into products like the wagon and Lwb sedans for years, then drop them because no one wants the 10 year old designs. They have no marketing (when did you last see any Ford ads on TV or in the paper that made you even remember that they made cars). I get the feeling the Ford US see Ford Australia as an unwanted member of the family and can't wait for them to fail.
The way I see it going is that in 10 years time Ford Australia will be an importer only, GM Holden will be struggling to remain as a manufacturer, and Toyota will be an importer only.

sr2, May 7, 3:56am
I suspect that Toyota Au will be the long term survivor of the three. A more modern product combined with reduced Japanese manufacturing capacity must be working in their favour. Although not a huge fan of AU Ford and Holden it would be a sad day if they ever closed.

meow_mix, May 7, 4:46am
The Falcon will probably be replaced with the next model Mondeo, the Mondeo is now a much larger car than it used to be.It might be rebadged as a Falcon and I'd imagine it will have some front-end treatment to differentiate it from the Mondeo.Sports sedans will probably come in the form of turbo V6 engines with AWD as there obviously won't be any V8 versions.Ford Oz has already had success with turbo six sports sedans.

fordcrzy, May 7, 5:13am
fords entire marketing department should be sacked and the developement team shot as well ford seems to always be years behind in term of fashion.remember when HSV had the "bad boy" v8's and were selling them by the truck load and ford said "we don't want to play that game. we prefer a more sophisticated market" what a load of BS. YOU MAKE WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT!FORD STILL don't seem to recognise that "flagship" cars like the FPV range and the focus/fiesta ST and RS range sell the lower model range.

fordcrzy, May 7, 5:14am
even my mum bought a fiesta because she saw the fiesta rally cars and thought that was cool.

ct9a, May 7, 5:21am
what does scotty2001 think is the question

gunhand, May 7, 5:46am
I was just thinking that very same thing. He may well have had a breakdown at the thought LOL.

mopsy3, May 7, 6:41am
Ford are bringing back the V8. The same as the FPV but without the supercharger. Sheesh how many times do I have to say it.

cocabowla, May 7, 6:42am
the next falcon will go ahead based on an as yet undecided platform that could be a taurus, mondeo or !

as anyone whos owned a retail business will tell you its lovely having a larger range of stock but the economics of it mean its not always financially viable to do so if they cant all show good turnover & margins to the bottom line.

chris_051, May 7, 7:23am
LOL you proved my point, by the time they get the V8 back in their line up they will be ready to shut shop. 25% of Commodore sales in Oz are V8s and Ford have no V8 to match the V8 Calais or SS and haven't had for some time. Ford may have just scraped in with the diesel Territory, even though it was 6 years late. Ecoboost 4 cylinder turbo is suppose to be here already, but they have put it off to the end of this year or first quarter of next, dedicated LPG not sold anymore and a new injectied 200kw LPG I6 is suppose to be here next month but don't hold your breath, a turbo diesel in the Falcon would nearly make the petrol 4.0 redundant but there is no talk of it. The wagon would have been a good cash cow if they kept it going in a similar way to the XG or WB utes , Ford AU know how to fuck around, the whole thing reminds me of the lead up to Mitsubishis demise in Australia, everything is a little too late.
On the plus side at least a decent car (Mazda 3) topped the sales chart, not some boring shitbox Corolla or Hyundai.

dvince, May 7, 8:03am
The future if Falcon and Commodore will be decided this year.

Falcon is not looking good, their sales are almost half of Commodore (in aussie) and looks like Ford US dont want their platform for upcoming Mustang (live rear axle!), most likely replaced with Taurus

dvince, May 7, 8:08am
Also strong Aussie dollar vs weak US dollar makes exports not so viable atm.

fordcrzy, May 7, 8:12am
i really really doubt ford would spend all that money developing the coyote v8 engine with all its future proofing and then not have a chassis to put it in to.but then again as we have all stated ford seem to know how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. a mustang based platform is surely the best bet.

ntalke, May 7, 8:30am

skully13, May 7, 8:13pm
The V8 Falcon should be here now, not sometime in the future(maybe). Ford AU sure know how to drive themselves into the ground.They have some good product that could compete on a global level, but due to stupid management theyare driving the company into the ground.

elect70, Jan 25, 6:00pm
Once they dropped the "luxury ' tax onimportstheir protected share of the market has dropped . now Aussies can buy BMWs,Mercs , Lexus at prices similar to Nz without the 40% extra tax they had on them .