Dodgy cars sellers

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silverhatchet, May 1, 4:08am
How do you buy a good car since there are so many dodgy car sellers including here!

franc123, May 1, 4:20am
-Decide what your budget is going to be.
-Thoroughly assess what your motoring needs are going to be for the next couple of years, how many passengers do you carry regularly!Do you want to tow something or go offroad!Do you need to carry a pet around! How important is fuel economy and ease of parking! Manual or Auto! How much boot space do you need!, are just some of the things you need to consider, you'd be amazed at how many stuff this one up and how much it costs them.
-Start looking/touching/feeling/drivi-
ng a few different makes and models, include a few dealer visits in this, do research on common problems with specific models.If you do this properly the four or five choices you had will quickly be whittled down to one or two.
-Once you've done that, start looking at what they have been selling for, compare dealer/auction/private sales, and then select one you like and arrange for an inspectionn by someone who knows what they are doing.DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP UNDER ANY the case of auction sales decide what your upper bid limit is going to be.
-If its worth buying and the price is right, do the deal.

silverhatchet, May 1, 4:41am
I know what I want and have gone to look at some like today! Cant find paper work, doesn't want AA to look and suddenly the battery doesn't work so can't even test drive yet he so called sells them on here

franc123, May 1, 5:07am
Walk away and move on to the next one, simple.If anything seems dodgy it probably is.

grangies, May 1, 5:19am

silverhatchet, May 1, 5:22am
Many seem like this!

grangies, May 1, 6:23am
You could get an AA inspection done on many brand new cars, and they will still find faults. LOL.

silverhatchet, May 1, 6:47am
Trade me dealers V car yards, same prices only no back up from so many fly by nighters that's the trouble! Couldn't even try today's one out but had an appointment! I know what I want Toyota ist 92 to 94

sandypheet, May 1, 6:51am
Have a car dealer in Rotorua that gets his warrants posted down from some asian outfit in east tamaki.

silverhatchet, May 1, 10:25am
Your right I did ;)

silverhatchet, May 2, 7:04am
They are either dodgy or priced the same!

neville48, May 2, 7:13am
and you know this and now every-one on this channel knows this and he's still in business, sounds like a lot of gobshite to me, think about it.

sandypheet, May 2, 8:09am
If I didnt know it I would not say it,comes directly from a customer of theirs.

neville48, May 2, 8:14am
so what are you and your "informer" going to do about this , may i suggest a visit to the police tomorrow to start with, then the LMVD, then the MVDI, etc etc, sounds like an open and shut case, he should be shut down by smoko tomorrow.

sandypheet, May 2, 6:33pm
Ltnz on the job.

neville48, May 3, 9:08am
Shheeesh ===You need to get a job with the media -report half the truth aye!
Funny That !thanks kazbanz, it sounded a wee bit" toossey tala" didnt it.

jaymark, May 3, 8:27pm
I looked for two years before I bought my 96 Corolla and still have it.Take your time in looking for your vehicle.There are plenty out there.

spead, May 3, 9:05pm
a 100 year old problem

budgel, May 3, 9:13pm
Surely it doesnt take two years to find a decent deal on a Toyota Corolla.

I'm glad you are happy with it! It would be a real bugger if you werent.

silverhatchet, May 4, 4:50am
Been looking for months now. Which is better the Toyota Ist or Nissan Tiida!

silverhatchet, May 4, 8:32am
The two makes, Ist and Tiida i like are both in the 1.5 size. In what way are they not 'apples n apples'

tradingfreak360, May 5, 1:30am
Just a suggestion silverhatchet, I wouldn't limit myself just to a 1500cc. Engine size means little in modern cars, Quote: Jazz -A 1.2 Punto will easily out perform many 1.5's. A 2.0 Golf will use less gas than most 1.5's.

motorway, May 5, 1:41am

hotrodtodd1, May 5, 1:48am
Oh dear, looks like Cookie has gone to the great message board in the sky

321mat, May 5, 1:53am
My advice for you is:

Do NOT buy a Subaru or Hyundai.