HIgher km's in cars - anything to watch out for?

cory_pearson, Apr 28, 9:28am
Hi all,

As you probably notice in the cheaper car section, there are several cars on here that appear to be in good condition but have higher k's (around 300k).I was wondering whether there are things to be aware of when buying cars with km's this high.
I have previously owned cars with around 200-250km on the clock and had no issues, but I also knew they were looked after.Having also worked in the rental car industry, I know how regularly these cars are serviced.
Would love any input people have on what I should be aware of or look out for with these.

for_an_angel, Apr 28, 9:35am
Late model cars with high kms and good service history ie ex fleet or rep cars should not have too many issues. older cars with high kms watch out for worn suspension and steering components. even tho they have traveled the same on road time is not their friend.

cory_pearson, Apr 28, 9:41am
Thanks for that.I will keep an eye out for those as I'm looking at cars around 10-15 years old.

yeahm8, Dec 21, 10:46pm
Through the years I've brought a few ex-cabs, they have around the 300-450k mark, I've found that although they have had a service history the running gear/ parts of usually tends to need replacing or serviced, alternator, power steering unit, trans, diff, brake rotors, break booster, water pump, heater radiator or driver power window.