Detriot diesel motor siezed

domaine, Apr 14, 8:56am
I have a detroit 2 stroke motor and motor is seized and i think getting CRC into cylinder bores would be advantageous. How is this done when there are no injectors!
Are there any experts on detroit motors!

sw20, Apr 14, 8:59am
OMG Detroit Diesel 2 Strokes <3

Wonder if I can shoehorn one in the Clio.!

im_andrew, Apr 14, 9:26am
Take the heads off and do it. If its seized it will need rebuilding anyway

ladatrouble, Apr 14, 9:31am
There are injectors - you will need to remove the rocker covers.or cover if not a V.You could just use diesel.I'm sure you will have some near by.

pdc1, Apr 14, 10:26am
are you sure it's seized! How have you been trying to turn it over! May need a longer bar, as they can be quite hard to turn.
I guess it depends where it is seized. It may not be in the bore. Do you know the history and how it seized! As per other posters, remove the Rocker Covers to get to injectors. I can't remember, but I think they have plates on the side of the block. If you take these off, you may be able to get an idea of the damage looking into the inlet ports of the liners.

intrade, Apr 14, 8:38pm
the new diesel does not lubricate mutch any more.engine damage could occure from just diesel without extra lube like chemtech.

intrade, Apr 14, 8:44pm

mrfxit, Apr 14, 9:22pm
Speaking of rebuilds etc
This is frickin nice!v=olslXBmHxSY&feature=related

big.b-lil.c, Apr 15, 1:54am
not trying to be a a-hole but if you cant find the injectors perhaps its best to contact a diesel mechanic experienced in those motors. transmission and diesel in wiri auckland are (were!) the agent for detroit. there are still plenty of old 2 stroke jimmies working in terex machines and other gear out there, and those guys know them.

digger80, Apr 15, 8:43am
they do have plates on the side as pdc1 said,[a "v" anyway],if it's still in vehicle,bit of a squeeze,but manageable,we need more info before any more knowledge is passed on,thanks

domaine, Apr 15, 8:44am
hi all, yes thanks for this info as ive never even had valve cover off, the engine is a four and is in a c5c log skidder , motor ran real sweet. . Ill raise bonnet and remove valve cover , But first i may try one suggestion and put a but more leverage on front pulley hub.Ill try crc type lube maybe mixed with diesel
ill let you know what happens , i am 30ks rural from Palmy coastal

chris_051, Apr 15, 9:19am
+1 except trans diesel are the agents up here.
ohh and chuck an ISX in it.

pdc1, Apr 15, 9:22am
So it ran sweet before parked up! How long has it been parked. Was exhaust covered and aircleaner free of water! I guess the other possibility is it has leaked coolant into the motor. Could be corroded/cracked liner or heat gasket.
How did you find it was seized. Did it not turn over on the starter motor! Be real careful that you don't hydraulic it if it has water in the bore. Be absolutely certain that it hasn't water in the bore before using starter motor- or trying to tow it to free it. This will do serious damage for sure.
If it is seized in the bore and you do the diesel trick, if your exhaust is up in the air, you could probably put diesel down there and fill it up. Take the rocker cover off and push down the exhaust valves until each cylinder is full if you get what I mean. Good luck. Always guts you when you have a good engine go down like that.

poppajn, Apr 17, 6:55am
AH, The old Jimmy, the most efficent way man knows to turn diesil into noise.
but what a noise it is

yuuhoo, Apr 21, 9:07am
All engines make noise GM's make a Sound!

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