Reversing sensors

wopple, Jun 25, 9:25am
Can anyone tell me how much these are to put onto a Rav 4!

wopple, Jun 25, 9:51am
I have a 2010 Rav4, just a basic parking sensor for reversing.

intrade, Jun 25, 9:58am
no offence but would it not be smarter to learn how to park without them upgrading your drivers skills!

intrade, Jun 25, 10:01am
i am tinkering with the idea of reverse sensor for my merc camper but only because the thing is over 6 meter long and its hard to predict where it ends as there is a half a meter box on the back that is not visible in the rear view mirror. The latest versions i have seen are wireless system diy that are part of the numberplate holder so no holes to be drilled in bumper.

carclan, Jun 25, 10:04am
Easy to fit yourself, I fitted them to our cars as you cannot see everything behind or others at times. I brought a set on ebay for about $20.00 NZD

intrade, Jun 25, 10:09am
you should tell the brand and how accurate they work, as some things are usless thet are sold on the net.

doctor_evil99, Jun 25, 10:10am
buy a reverse camera from - free postage to NZ. or this. easy to fit.took me 45 mins!item=12

wopple, Jun 25, 10:10am
I can park well, but sometimes it is just handy to have.

ceedoubleyou, Jun 25, 11:04am
sensors are better than camera, I have both, but usually just rely on sensors. Cost can vary, depend to what level of finish you want, you just have 'em hanging off the boot lid, embedded into bumper unpainted or painted, and you can have a meter which tells you how close you are to the whatever.Just call a auto sparky for an estimate. BTW, they are great for parking into tight spots.

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