Low water sensors

beetle46, Jul 23, 9:48am
why dont even the new vehicles have low water sensors (light or buzzer) in the header tanks like heavy trucks!
this would stop alot of egr failure, blocked radiator and cracked head overheats wouldnt it!
lets be honest noone really drives with one eye on the temp gauge aye

gunhand, Jul 23, 9:52am
Hmmmm, unless it stopped the car some still wouldnt take alot of notice LOL.

chebry, Jul 23, 9:58am
My Citroen has one but its not new just a standard feature from a thinking company

beetle46, Jul 23, 9:59am
yeah true perhaps a boxing glove that comes out of the dash


mantagsi, Jul 23, 10:24am
my old mk2 golf and a workmates 2005 golf have them, difference is mine flashes a light and his gives him a ridiculously melodramatic warning message on the dash,its hard case. quite handy sort of sensor I must admit. in fact the more I think about it, from what I remember every single euro car ive owned except for an opel manta had a low water indicator, from ancient to slightly less ancieng - must be a euro thing, japs trust their customers wont keep the car long enough to care! haha

neo_psy, Jul 23, 10:36am
Must be a Euro thing - I think the Astras and Vectras do that.

morrisman1, Jul 23, 10:45am
My old 405 had one of those. Always malfunctioned and lied to me.

kingfisher21, Jul 23, 11:10am
A lot of Falcons have them, as do Commodores.

budgel, Jul 23, 9:02pm
My BMW 740i has one.

motorboy2011, Jul 23, 9:38pm
jap land does it too, hi-ace and lite-ace vans both had them, maybe its a jap van thing

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