Any issues painting parking sensors

rbd, Jan 26, 3:22am
I've just bought a set of OEM parking sensors for our 2014 Nissan. They are the wrong colour for the car so I'll need to paint them.

Are there any issues painting parking sensors? Should I carefully sand the paint back from the sensor surface or just paint over the top?

It is black going over gray so a thin coat will cover well. I'll probably spray them with my airbrush for more control followed by a thin clearcoat.

They are OEM Nissan sensors.

lookoutas, Jan 26, 6:48am
They're not supposed to have a lot of paint on them.
I did hear the micron depth once, but age has taken care of remembering that. A scotch and a light squirt should be OK.

tony9, Jul 22, 12:11pm
Yes, that will help with the parking.

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