06 ve commodore bumper reversing sensors

geminidragon, May 27, 9:49pm
hi i have a 2006 ve clubsport and in the boot it has 4 quite long separate black wires with little white plugs that go nowhere coming from the sensors does anyone know where they plug into as i,ve had a good look and can,t see where they go thanks

intrade, May 28, 10:14am
What exactly have you been doing to find that plug?
Like is something not working?
or did you just clean and see the plug?
if you just found it and all works it could be a extra from a wiring loom that has had other options= a empty plug. I would clean the plug and protect it from water intrusion if its/extra

franc123, May 28, 11:59am
Has it got factory reverse sensing is the first question.

kazbanz, May 28, 4:56pm
My guess is that its a replacement bumper and they go nowhere

geminidragon, May 30, 10:16pm
its a 2006 ve hsv clubsport r8 so i would guess so it pops up park assist on the led on factory stereo then turns off

geminidragon, Jul 31, 3:47pm
i have heard there is a parking assist module under the rear window tray

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