Please help - car parking sensors (front and rear)

bikerchic2go, Oct 2, 3:37am
Earlier this year my vehicle got wiped out by a Go Bus Wellington, amongst other things he wiped out the front sensors.This happened back in March, and am still going through the insurance company. The insurance company by the way have been very good in terms of this.The story so far, my panel beater through his auto electrian installed a brand called Dynatron from Auckland.This set up has been absoultely hopeless, and in fact is now very unsafe to use eg randomly goes off when there is nothing around, bright light stays on when your driving at night, doesn't go off when it should etc etc.The system I had on it when I bought my truck was great, however we cannot find what the brand was.So can anyone please, please recommend to me a great car parking sensors brand front and rear (4 x front and 4 x rear) - there are so many on internet I don't know where to start.Insurance just want the problem resolved. This has been going on now for nearly 8 months.

smac, Oct 2, 3:53am
Were the ones in there factory! Or aftermarket! If factory that's what the insurance should replacing with.

bikerchic2go, Oct 2, 5:18am
I get confused with the term aftermarket and factory! what's the difference please.

bikerchic2go, Oct 2, 5:22am
There are a few problems, I am the second owner, and bought it with the sensors in it, I cannot find out whether it came as an accessory with the vehicle or put on after it was purchased. The insurance are happy to replace it with whatever, just need to find a really good brand - they have been great.

yogibearz, Oct 2, 5:53am
What smac is asking is does this vehicle have sensors front and rear when sold new! Or are they fitted by the factory at the point of assembly!
What sort of vehicle is it !

bikerchic2go, Oct 2, 6:32am
Yes I investigated all of this with various organisations.It is a Ford Ranger, Wildtrack 2010. I was told by the car dealers I bought it from (not Ford by the way) that they put a whole heaps of extras on this vehicle.And they believed these were put on "new" as an extra. However, I have contacted Ford, and they said they don't think so! So it must be aftermarket then, I am still investigating this/

mark.52, Oct 2, 11:28pm
Is it possible to get, or at least see, the bits that came out! Or have they long gone! Whoever removed them might possibly remember the brand.

bikerchic2go, Oct 2, 11:54pm
I have just found out through Ford that they were aftermarket. That is the person who bought it put them on after he purchased them.This happened way back in Feb March, and each time I ring the panelbeaters he runs for the hills, and the auto tech won't return calls. But thanks for being helpful.

mark.52, Oct 3, 1:44am
See if you can contact the previous owner and ask him the brand/model.

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