4 x 4 for tow/launch small boat - are these OK ?

flagheaven, Apr 14, 9:34pm
352786329 newer BUT high miles !
368133738 - what are these like !
or do i get something like this and use as a car and tow vehicle-354989469


crzyhrse, Apr 14, 9:49pm
Links, not auction numbers.

thejazzpianoma, Apr 14, 10:01pm
What exactly is the boat i.e size, aluminium, fibreglass etc and are you only launching from sealed ramps!
If this is your everyday vehicle as well you may be making some large and unnecessary compromises going with that sort of thing.

big.b-lil.c, Oct 31, 3:59pm
the suzi and the rav would be good for smaller boats ie up to 16ft max maybe less for the rav. imho the holden up to maybe 22ft. check the towing ratings for them all.
if launching from the beach with loose sand the suzi over the the holden if its a small boat. if its hard sand or a ramp the holden