Wedding Cars - does anyone hire out their

mctavi, Apr 13, 7:48am
cars for weddings in Auckland! TIA :-)

muzzaandmich, Apr 13, 7:51am
hertzlove hertz

woody1946, Apr 13, 8:00am
decide which make of car you want and get in touch with the club for that type

stevo2, Apr 13, 8:08am
I can do you a Mazda Axela, Hiace van, MX5, Nissan Wingroad, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Cynos or Nissan Skyline. All live here and are ready to go.
or do you want something a bit nicer!
cheers stevo

saxman99, Apr 13, 8:08am
Some people do, depending on what you want there may be a car club that will help - sometimes members do hire out their pride and joy for special occasions.

Another approach that may work, again depending on the type of car, is to simply speak to the owner of one you see driving around.My wife was adamant she wanted a Jaguar for our wedding and so I when I saw one at a function I was at I sought out the owner.Our conversation went something like this:

"I wonder if I might talk to you about hiring your beautiful car!"

"Sure.For a wedding!"

"Yep, it's in a couple of months."

"That shouldn't be a problem, it's been used a few times for that.Do you like the green or would you prefer the red one we also have!"

"Wow, you have two.Awesome.I think the British Racing Green would be great if that's OK"

"That's cool.You need me to drive it or will you self-drive!"


"How much would you need for a fee!"

"Well, we don't really do this as a job,so instead of taking cash from you we usually get the car professionally groomed the day/morning before so it's looking tip-top for the wedding and have you pick up the tab, if that's agreeable!"

"Deal! Thanks very much."

Have a crack, you never know.The worst that can happen is they say no.

Good luck!

mctavi, Apr 13, 8:10am
Ha ha - the Hiace, the Hiace!

mctavi, Apr 13, 8:11am
Good call! Thanks for that :-)

tuttyclan, Apr 13, 8:18am
1960 Vauxhall Victor Series F, 1965 Vauxhall Viva HA, 1982 Mitsubishi Sigma,1994 Toyota Rav4,1997 Honda Accord Vti.

johnf_456, Apr 13, 8:24am
lol for a wedding

dr.doolittle, Apr 13, 8:35am
Loan them your Cavalier Johnef

johnf_456, Apr 13, 8:36am
and what makes you think I have one! What stuff you on!

ming24, Apr 13, 8:42am
As mentioned before, if you know what type of car you want you can approach car clubs and ask around.I suppose it comes down to your budget as well.

My cousin hired 2 new Camry's from a car rental place for his wedding.It was a reasonable cost and they were identical (colour, model etc.).My mate has his wedding in May and he has arranged to hire an older ferrari directly from the owner.I think he just used google to track down the owner (the ferrari owner may have had a listing online or something like that).

If you do end up hiring from a private person, make sure you set out t&c's and liability.Make sure the owner puts the driver on their policy.Good luck!

mctavi, Apr 13, 9:26am
Thanks so much for the help, good advice. and the laughs :-)

stevo2, Apr 13, 6:07pm
Oh well, at least its a white one lol
Cheers Stevo

carkitter, Oct 27, 2:09pm
Hired a Monaro CV6 from Avis for a wedding back in 2003. Cost $179 for 24hrs vs $300 for a hotrod or classic car for 3hrs. Looked spectacular in photos. Only catch with rental cars is that you have to take what colour you get given. I was planning some photos on a lawn but had to quickly alter my plans when a green Monaro showed up. Took some photos by the coast instead.