Broken break light.

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nzman89, Apr 10, 3:29am
Some moron as I like to call them reversed into me while I was watching a movie and broken one of my break lights, how much does this cost these days!

lookoutas, Apr 10, 3:31am
As it was already broken, you might as well leave it be.

jsbike, Apr 10, 3:32am
About $1000.

nzman89, Apr 10, 3:34am
this much! want it fail a wof!

franc123, Apr 10, 3:35am
what colour is the car!break lights for red cars cost more as they get backed into more often, white and blue tend to be cheaper.

nzman89, Apr 10, 3:37am
color is grey but the break light plastic thing was red

mrfxit, Apr 10, 3:37am
Blimin heck that was a close call for me then, just as well mines greycheap as chips buddy ;-)

mrfxit, Apr 10, 3:38am
Ummmm sorry but my crystal ball is away AGAIN for repairs

doomy999, Apr 10, 3:39am
Probably your own fault anyway. How could you watch where you are driving while watching movie at the same time. tsk tsk, that is very dangerous. It might pay to wait till you get home next time before watching a movie.Lucky the cops never seen you.

nzman89, Apr 10, 3:39am
i was in the movies and parked in the car park came back to the car and saw it!

mrfxit, Apr 10, 3:44am
FFS . How dense can you be!
Even tho the questions are a little veiled, they are STILL being asked

Brand / model & year of this vehicle!
Are they std or aftermarket lights!

mrfxit, Apr 10, 3:46am
*mutters something about blind dense &.wombats in need of glass's*
. . . .*wanders back to reality" maybe .

nzman89, Apr 10, 3:47am
never mind, don't need to be spoken to like this. Thanks

lookoutas, Apr 10, 3:48am
And is it really a "break" light!

mrfxit, Apr 10, 3:50am
well then, . seeing as you can't answer the most BASIC of questions about YOUR vehicle. . .F %$#& . *($(&$&#% off

doomy999, Apr 10, 3:54am
lol, dont take it to heart nzman. Your question was rather silly, that's why people are taking the micky out of you. But dont let it upset you, ask the right question and you'll find people are very helpful.
Prices vary greatly depending on what type of car you have.
Imagine the difference in price between a brand new Ferrari part and an old Nissan part. It would be miles apart.

To spell it out for you, what is the make and model and the year of the car you have that has the broken tail light.

franc123, Apr 10, 3:55am
Mate if you come on here without stating what car you have, the pisstaking comes thick and fast.The only way you will find out the cost is by going out to your car, having a look at the light unit itself for any code numbers on the lense, and obtaining the chassis code and make/model/year of the car and phoning your nearest general wrecker/make specialist wrecker or an outfit like Braxton car lights.If the part of the lense where the number should be is damaged/missing/unreadable, look at the light on the other side, you are looking for a number with an L or R at the end, which is what side of the car it fits.If there isn't a number just give them the rest of the info, and of course the body style.The price of light units can vary hugely.

mrfxit, Apr 10, 3:56am
LOL good luck, been there done that at #11

intrade, Apr 10, 3:57am
if you have all parts then you can glue it back togather. it will pass a wof if it has no moisture inside and no white light shines out of red stop light etc.
my old toyota had both indicator ans sidelites glued up and always passed a wof .

socram, Apr 10, 4:01am
doomy999 - you spoiled the fun!

doomy999, Apr 10, 4:12am
haha, I think mrfixit had already scared the o/p off.
I was trying the old reverse pshcology reel em back in thing.
Yep, all mrfixit's fault. lol

mrfxit, Apr 10, 4:14am
LOL . FINE by me .
No time for ppl that can't take a hint. or 6.

rob_man, Apr 10, 4:47am
Isn't a break light meant to be broken!

autocars1, Apr 10, 7:44am
Get in touch with Parts Connection for a second hand one, refer you Yellow Pages. Cheap as chips.

jmma, Apr 10, 8:07am
its a 1996 3DR Nissan Pulsar Hatch
Quote nzman89 (41 )8:36 pm, Fri 1 Apr #5

Might be this car, although he hasn't mentioned the colour (o: