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nickandamanda, Mar 23, 3:07am
i brought a new v8 Ute 2 weeks ago got home the other night and the oil light was on so i took it into the garage and the oil pump is stuffed we got a 6 month warranty with autosure does anybody no if they will cover it ! as its going to be a few g to fix and also seem kinda unfair that we have to pay $350 excess if i new this was going to happen i wouldn't have brought it

toyboy3, Mar 23, 3:11am
Go back to the dealer and ask them nicely to help fix it

nickandamanda, Mar 23, 3:13am
i rung them and they told me to go through autosure

curlcrown, Mar 23, 3:13am
How can an oild pump cost a few grand!

gunhand, Mar 23, 3:15am
Best bet would be to ring autosure direct. they will say ya or na. some of those warrantys can be very vauge about what they do and dont cover, milage of car and so on.
We got car with warrenty and central locking didnt work so took it back to dealer and they put through our warrenty, didnt cost us so didnt matter but didnt cost them either I dont think. Thought it was odd they could do that as it was couple days after geting car

nickandamanda, Mar 23, 3:19am
garage told me they need to pull motor out is a 2001 au xr8 falcon

toyboy3, Mar 23, 3:20am
Go back to the dealer and now tell them to fix it , not your problemor cost .

icemans1, Mar 23, 3:26am
first 3 mths you are covered by the dealer

icemans1, Mar 23, 3:27am

icemans1, Mar 23, 3:28am
5 hundy to take engine out and in for a start.

nickandamanda, Mar 23, 3:29am
my garage said it would take a day to take that motor out

icemans1, Mar 23, 3:30am
so 5 hundy out and 5 hundy in!

icemans1, Mar 23, 3:30am
what is it, ford or holden!

nickandamanda, Mar 23, 3:32am
ford i told dp we shoulda got a holden

gunhand, Mar 23, 3:34am
2001 au xr8 falcon

yogibearz, Mar 23, 4:09am
dealer should pay,they want you to use autosure so they dont have to pay,autosure are ok to deal with but there will be an upper limit on your claim and the excess plus things they wont pay for like oils and freight.
i have seen some shady dealers sell cars with a known problem and a warranty and then ask the poor sucker who brought it to claim it under extended warranty policy

dunbar01, Mar 23, 4:30am
I haven't read all the comments, but under the consumer act, it's the dealerships responsibility to get it repaired. You can take them to small claims if need be

scoobeey, Mar 23, 4:38am
could be a nice story for fair go!

1fordluva, Mar 23, 5:01am
Dealer has to fix anything within 30 days of sale.
Had to get the rear handbrake pads done on a 1999 xr8 sedan we bought last year.
Car dealer didnt want a bar of it untill I reminded they have 30 days to fix all faults after purchace.
Ring consumer affairs.

casper35, Mar 23, 6:24am
Dealer pays end of story.

40wav, Mar 23, 7:43am
Bad idea. That will only spoil them, then they'll be disappointed when they get their ford back.

pdc1, Mar 23, 7:50am
This would be the option that I would be wanting too if possible.
Sounds like you have driven it a few miles with very low/no oil pressure, so it would pay to get the bearings checked while the engine is out.

franc123, Mar 23, 7:54am
+1, bloody oath they do.Especially on stuff they think is a bit dodgy quality generally and/or going to be expensive to fix.I don't think a nice fat commission is the only reason why some of them are so keen to sell these extended warra, sorry mechanical insurance policies to people.

rkauto, Mar 23, 7:55am
Due to you only owning the car for a couple of weeks the warranty company will suspect the fault was pre existing and will most likely try and contact the previous owner to confirm this.In which case the dealer will have to pay.Do not let anyone pull it apart untill you have established who is paying.

icemans1, Mar 23, 7:58am
here's an idea - get the dealer to pay the $350 for the claim, then it's a win win situation

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