92 isuzu big horn starter motor

karl137, Mar 31, 5:41am
Hi has any one taken a starter motor out of a big horn do you take it out from the bottom of car or top looks like a pain to get to it

intrade, Mar 31, 5:43am
you do what ever you need to some cars you have to remove the oilfilter to make room . and dont forget to first disconnect the battery .

petermcg, Mar 31, 5:44am
If its the same as mine it will be a prik of a job. The bolts go right through and have a nut on them, about 17mm spanner I think. You would probably get it from the top but you might also want to have some one underneath to hold aspanner on.

hondalova, Mar 31, 7:53am
just fitted a starter to a big horn. goes in/ out through top. P I T A to do. both bolts/ nuts are 17mm spanner/socket

karl137, Sep 19, 5:44pm
thanks for your help