Holden v6 ecotech engines?

mario42, Mar 26, 1:21am
Are there any problems with these engines anybody knows about.

jezz43, Mar 26, 1:43am
im keen to find out aswell, i traded my astina in on a Vt 3.8 ecotec. seems to be more economical on gas and has a bit of grunt, nothing fantastic but it does its job well enough.

johnf_456, Mar 26, 2:06am
really so my neighbors moped will out perform it! I doubt anything.

jezz43, Mar 26, 2:35am
you would think so, yet it was only an 1800 DOHC and it held its own against some turboed vehicles. previous owner had worked the engine a bit. have a dyno sheet somwhere for it. was definately higher than standard. not to mention it stuck to the road very well. i would say it may have had better handling alot of cars ive driven

michelle322, Mar 26, 6:23am
engines not a problem,the vs had ign switch problems,the vt had a range of minor problems,vx had things sorted by then.

im_andrew, Mar 26, 6:29am
crank angle sensors seem to fail at around 150,000kms. Auto transmissons on them will take a fair bit of abuse, but dont like being overheated (like every other automatic, I guess). Rear main seals can leak on them - engine out job to fix this but pretty rare for the leak to get bad enough to cause a problem. Have heard they can crack heads too, certainly not a common fault. The ecotec in my commodore is still going strong at 400,000km with enough power to overtake comfortibly.

johnf_456, Mar 26, 6:33am
Yup a engine at 400,000km does not drop hugely in power, if the engine is still running at that mileage of course its still good for power. She ain't gonnaget yet I say

jezz43, Mar 26, 6:34am
mines at 246,000 and still runs pretty well, just a small brake shudder which il be fixing next week. other than that it was mint and a pretty good deal i reckon

johnf_456, Mar 26, 6:37am
Will be just a crook brake rota.

im_andrew, Mar 26, 6:52am
I dont know what this means.

Diesels drop in power pretty badly with high kms, they are completely different though.

howz_that, Mar 26, 7:15am
My VX has just hit 390 000km. still goes great

johnf_456, Mar 26, 7:30am
Simple to spell it she will not break anytime soon if its got to those amount of km's. and the power drop is not huge its a big engine anyway so a power drop would be hard to notice vs a power drop on a 1000cc or something.

donz01, Mar 26, 11:11am
My VS has nearly 600,000km on it and still goes really well. No problems overheating or oil leaks etc. Just regular oil changes every 10,000km

dave653, Mar 27, 2:10am
10,000! My book reckons 5000 on our VN. It's done 310,000, recent temp sender unit, thermostat, O2 sensor, and had the discs machined, goes quite well. and stops now too!

lookoutas, Mar 27, 2:25am
Got my eye on a Supercharged VX at the moment. Any problems with those!
And I'll be wearing my Ford hat at the 400!

icemans1, Mar 27, 2:29am
only about 5 hundy for a complete second hand one from a wrecker

lookoutas, Mar 27, 2:43am
You mean 500 for a huffer!

jezz43, Mar 27, 7:38am
well i took my commy for a drive from new plymouth to tauranga and towed a boat back today. seemed to go really well. used about $135 gas round trip which was 1 tank from empty. only thing im having an issue with at the moment is the brakes which im fixing monday, and the window switch on the centre console works sometimes. i thought it went reasonably well tho

lookoutas, Mar 27, 8:18pm
Jeez 43 - what engine!

Thanks scotty, but I was impressed enough with the way this thing went when I worked on it a few weeks back. It's got a smashed up front bumper & lights now, so I intend chucking a Club Sport kit on it if I can score it for the right price.

jezz43, Mar 27, 8:26pm
3.8 v6 in a 98 VT

lookoutas, Mar 28, 4:10am
So that wasn't a Supercharged one.

ford017, Mar 28, 8:30am
the 3.8 eco tec is a pretty good engine my dads car(vs 1997 acclaim)
is still running sweet at 745,000km (ex taxi) which i think is pretty darn good

rlnhrd, Sep 4, 12:45pm
your missing two cylinders

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