Old motor racing VHS' - Nissan Mobil 500 etc

ryanm2, Mar 26, 8:52pm
Are these worth anything to anyone, Castrol Motorsport program from the early 90s and the 93 and 94 nissan mobil''s. About 25 tapes worth.

kiwi-d, Mar 26, 8:53pm
yes im keen

anarot, Mar 26, 9:44pm
So I am

robbo36, Mar 26, 11:50pm
Record them off the VHS tapes to DVD and then sell them on TM for say $10 a piece.

ryanm2, Mar 27, 12:08am
That would mean doing work, flag that. I might watch some of them at my mothers as she has a vhs machine and see whats of interest on the castrol motorsport shows.

ryanm2, Mar 27, 12:10am
For interests sake, we still have copies from the Peter Jackson series (early 90's) as my father was racing. Its good footage wactching those yanks in the Tranzam racing against Kayne Scott in his Monza/Mustang!

1fordluva, Mar 27, 12:47am
Dam straight,its hard to find good footage of these races.

clark20, Mar 27, 12:55am
I was racing then, who was he! Hands up for those tapes!

ryanm2, Mar 27, 1:50am
well ive had a quick look. 1988,1992,1993,1994 nissan mobil 500. 10 castrol motorsport tapesfrom 1994, 3 episodes per tape, Couple of peter jackson tapes and a couple of Bathurst tapes.

elect70, Mar 27, 2:25am
Im keenput up on Tmstill got my old VHSmachineas cant even give them away, slowly transfering old tapesto DVD

ryanm2, Mar 27, 2:57am
The Peter Jackson series tape is great. Ive had quick skim. Baird, Radisich and Verstappen in the Formula Atlantic, Scott, Wills, Lagassi and co from the Tranzam, plus highlights from Wigram. NZ Tourers etc etc. The 1994 NZ Grand Prix is also on that tape from Levels!

cocabowla, Mar 27, 4:12am
have a look through the clear panel and make sure theres no chalky white powder on the tape, if there is dont play them coz that powder reeks havoc on the player

un_known, Mar 28, 1:01am
Put up an auction ryan I would pay good money for those.

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