wrong2, Mar 26, 2:43am
cant agree on the 240z

the 260 was better all round. the original had bad lift near its top speed & wasnt safe at all

ryanm2, Mar 26, 2:57am
These lists are always pointless, anyways, i thoough the GT-R proved V8's were so yesterday, not the Wrx's.

vtecintegra, Mar 26, 3:45am
The WRX was much more attainable though

fordcrzy, Mar 26, 7:08am
i think the NSX and the G4 celica shouldn't be there

vtecintegra, Mar 26, 8:07am
Back when it came out the G4 Celica was a really good car - massive improvement over the previous RWD model.

I'd leave the NSX too because of what it was when it came out (Honda should have killed it way earlier but at launch it was a great car)

The Lexus LS400 should be on there too, because it proved a point when released (but again did not keep up with the competition)

franc123, Mar 26, 8:45am
Good for a laugh.The RX7 was a blatant ripoff of a Porsche 924, and Mazdas realisation that fitting rotary engines to boring vehicles like 929's wasn't going to work, it wasn't "styled like nothing else".Vehicles like the original Honda Civics/Accords should be on there, the impact they had in the US market particular was phenomenal and changed perceptions about how cars CAN be economical yet refined with a touch of sophistication and well built all at the same time.The WRX isn't and never has been a V8 substitute, its a completely different market, experience and "power flavour", the Datsun Z cars WERE the poor mans E type, that in the early days was on the right track once the high speed handling was sorted but quickly went down the wrong development path.The Celica was never really anything special, it was a Corona in a sporty body and was never really outstanding at anything.The Corolla provides what most of Toyotas customers wanted, functional reliable motoring, nothing more, innnovative it wasn't.

dr.doolittle, Mar 26, 8:58am
I think the Datsun 260c should have been there.
My girlfriends dad had one. it had a huge back seat.

chris_051, Mar 26, 10:09am
Sounds like the author drives a Celica or Prelude with a fart can and reads too many fast 4s magazines.

foxdonut, Mar 26, 10:10am
I mostly agree with Franc - Accord, Corolla, Civic, MX5 - these were the game winners for Japan. WRX, NSX and GTR Skyline, meh, whatever, they didn't exactly set any records but they're good / really good for cheap cars. The RX7 is a novelty because no one else wasted their time with a rotary engine (and managed to stay afloat) so it can stay. The rest are just average cars, especially the Celica. If there was going to be a Celica it should be the GT4 or CelicaSupra.

Datto's are a bit before my time, I rate them style wise but they have nothing under the bonnet.

The list should include AW11 in there someplace too.

vtecintegra, Aug 28, 1:49am
Disagree - think the gen they picked was easily the best Celica.

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