How much to get a bmw car power window

aj252, Feb 13, 7:09am
fixed, it is not going back up, stuck down, no problems till now, thanks

gammelvind, Feb 13, 7:12am
It's getting a bit harder to find some to fix the old 2002's these days.

kazbanz, Feb 13, 7:33am
its even harder to fix the 2002 v12 7 series

fiatracer, Feb 13, 7:34am
shame it's not a common E36 or E46, because if it was, it would quite likely be the regulator which re a common fault, so parts/expertise common.

saxman99, Feb 13, 7:49am
If the glass goes down but not up then either the switch or the wiring is likely culprit.Try swapping the switch with one from a window that works.

kazbanz, Feb 13, 7:55am
OP--are you getting the point here from our sarky comments. the question can't be answered without the year and the model.
Likely its a e36 3 series and the part is likely the reg at around $250 for a new part

haventrader, Feb 13, 8:32am
Or simply the regulator. Can you hear the motor running! More details will help.

pup2, Feb 13, 8:37am
But only the silver ones are $250. Red is another $300. And don't even start on the blue ones

elect70, Feb 14, 1:27am
Pull door card offsee if it is still engaged on thegear wheel .

foxdonut, Feb 14, 1:32am
Lucky its a BMW _CAR_ and not a BMW bike. Replacing electric windows on those is a bit of a mission these days without the special _TOOL_.

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