Spa motor question?

sandyelmo, Mar 4, 2:34am
Hi im not sure if this is in the right category but I need to know if a 15amp spa motor is the element requirement or the motor, as I am wanting to put a 10 amp element into a hasbeen 15amp unit, will I have to still run a 15amp plug or will the 10 amp element allow it to run a 10 amp plug, it is a waterco portapac demand,

sandyelmo, Mar 4, 4:34am
yes i can run a 10amp plug or yes i will still have to run a 15amp plug!

msigg, Mar 4, 6:00am
I think you need a higher amp plug/lead. Not too sure I understand whats going on. Mayneed to re-write your post.

vingina, Mar 4, 8:28am
if your element is 10amps then the control gear will also draw current. so then it will exceed 10 amps. Plug it in and load test it with a clamp meter then you will get a accurate measure of what it needs.

Why dont you cut the plug off and connect it via a waterproof isolator. Obviously the cable you run will need to be rated at at least 15 amps.

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