Gadgit .Brake Pads & Rear Shoes Corolla

ema1, Mar 25, 1:56am
Hi gadgit, ( or anyone else in the know please) just picking your brains .short of going to my Toyota dealership seeing it's Sunday and Otago Anniversary Day tomorrow Monday.
The front disc pads and rear shoes that came as spares with car an EE90 Corolla I bought and since have sold on, are they exactly the same ones that fit a disc/drum set up on an AE101 Corolla FX SJplease!
The Toyota part numbers on the boxes are 04465-YZZ2250 Front Pads and 04495-12210 Rear Shoes both in unopened Toyota packaging.

thunderbolt, Mar 25, 2:10am
From memory all the corollas from that era took DB308 on the front, so I expect the pads to be ok. Not so sure on the rears.

gadgit3, Mar 25, 2:17am
Hi John you've got a good question there lol I have not really taken note if they are the same. I could tell ya if I was sitting at me work desk but wont be back there till Thursday now as I'm off to Palmy North for 3days on Monday

snoopy221, Mar 25, 2:28am
Ya should be right-memory is rolla is rolla and rona is rona.
(Change in rear shoes-width and mounting against back plate.
auckland ain't on holiday-0800racebrakes-ask for john [owner] and he'll be able ta check the books)

ema1, Mar 25, 4:03am
Have a good trip Kelsey, haven't been there in a while since my daughter moved away from there in 2009.
Hey Kelsey if you remember when you are back that will be appreciated cheers . You going to check out the mini moto's down there mate, I'll bet with all the weather the north has been getting it'll be muddy as .right!
Thanks snoopy and thunderbolt, I'll hang on to them and when I get a chance I'll go to Toyota here and make sure.if I haven't heard prior.

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