Holden brake booster

fordzfly, Mar 28, 6:50am
just hada look under the dash of my hj and see there is no adjuster nut and rod connecting booster to the pedal.
every pic ive seen of 1 all have them.
Does anyone no the differnce between the ones with adjusters and the ones without!

fordzfly, Mar 28, 7:06am
maybe for front drums!

attitudedesignz, Mar 28, 7:20am
HJs didn't have drums on front. Pretty sure it has to do with what master cylinder and booster it has. PBR or Girling (!)

jmma, Mar 28, 7:24am
Is the adjuster on the pedal stop!

fordzfly, Mar 28, 7:24am
ok gota pbr on at moment. also got spongy brakes

fordzfly, Mar 28, 7:33am
nope. at my wits end, ive had front brakes apart, multiple m\cs )including 4 brand new duds from repco) new wheel cyls in rear. brake pads and shoes all round. also had it at the garage getting looked at. and still no brakes

steve312, Mar 28, 7:33am
This booster didn't have an adjustable pedal pushrod.Does the one on your booster have a slight bend at the pedal end of the pushrod!

A spongey pedal will not be pushrod adjustment.Highly likely that some of the caliper slides are seized.Very common with this age Holden brake system.

fordzfly, Mar 28, 7:37am
all this over the last 3 months on and off, and ive just found a website which says all hq\j 6 and 8 boosters are interchangable. but not hx\z my rod from the back of the booster has a turn down which means its from a hx.thank f&*% for this http://www.mysandman.com.au/forums/showthread.php/574-Brake-Boosters-explained

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