Best cars for boot space for seven seaters

jahra7, May 1, 9:02am
im growing weary in my hunt for a good sized boot in these seven seaters. can anyone point me in the right direction please.
8k is my budget.

gunhand, May 1, 9:07am
What do you mean by good sized boot! I also am looking to update ours and most I have found have very limited space behind the last row of seats.There are a few Honda Streams being sold privately around that price but through a dealer they seem to be about 9 to 14k.Same as the Toyota Wish etc.

jahra7, May 1, 9:09am
yeh i guess i mean a boot fullstop haha

thanks, ill go have a look at the honda streams

franc123, May 1, 9:10am
They don't exist thats why. You either have five seats and a reasonable load area or seven seats and room for the chihuahua and nothing else. They are all hopeless in that regard, you need to be perhaps looking at the larger van type ones like Nissan elgrands and Toyota Granvias to get anything remotely good, at least there is good height between the floor and roof and you can slap a cargo barrier in there and really stack it up.

jahra7, May 1, 9:14am
oo thanks, i will have a gander at these franc

jahra7, May 1, 9:15am
agree with you too - hopeless alright!

gunhand, May 1, 9:15am
Yea not sure a seven seater with an actual boot like a sedan is out there!
There are Camry, Volvo, Falcon and Holden wagons that sometimes have 7 seats but I think the extra seats are token gestures more than a proper comforable seat.

jahra7, May 1, 9:19am
lol at token gestures - yep you're onto it gunhand ;)

if only i could get to like the look of vans - id be away!

gunhand, May 1, 9:25am
The wife has a 96 Nissan Parrie Joy and although not the most attractive thing on the road it has done us well but we are looking now to update it.We can get a couple of kids bikes in the back with all seats in place and the groceries etc but they are limited untill dropping that last row of seats.
The later Nissian Lafestas are quite reasonably priced for the 2005ish models but again different in the looks but hey you cant see it while your driving and oddly things grow on you after a while.

jahra7, May 1, 9:34am
very true!
has anything caught your eye yet gunhand!

gunhand, May 1, 9:51am
Within our budget as Ive mentioned the Honda or Wish but will look at the Nissan. We want a wagon type one now as aposed to huge van.

bubbles244, May 1, 10:24am
you want the second generation of nissan serena. The 1999 to 2005 model.

7 seater with the back 5 seats that mount on rails and are adjustable along the length of the floor. So if you have kids you can close them up toward the front if leg space for the 3 year olds etc isnt an issue.

also sold as the Suzuki landy powered by the Mr20de (diesel)

front wheel drive or 4wd, powered by the Sr20De (petrol)

thejazzpianoma, May 1, 8:43pm
If you can get away with 6 full size seats as opposed to 7 the Multipla has a decent sized boot. The great thing too is its also really easy to drive around town and costs about half as much to run as many of the 7 seaters while still having as much or more power.

Yes they look funny but in terms of practicality they run rings around the Japanese people movers for the same money. Cheap to service and parts are cheap and easy to get as well.

intrade, May 1, 8:49pm
townace noha 4 cilinder petrol powered engine only.multipla only got 6 seats otherwise it be one option. 8 grand is the lower limmit for something good. You might have to add a few more grand for a better vehicle. Always inspect a car fully by qualified mechanic or person who knows what he is doing, AA reports are not to be used for inspection.
First thin I do on inspection is find the servicing book and recipts of work done to car, well serviced vehicle have loads of paperwork. thats the sortof thing you can do your self without a mechanic. If there is no paperwork then you should be alarmed and have the car extra carful inspected as it is possibile a poo neglected wrack internally.

kazbanz, May 1, 9:23pm
For your budget I would be looking at a toyota Noah Its the only 7/8 seater with room that I can think of that is in your budget. The newe shape stima can be set up with plenty of boot space -but it costs in legroom
Forget the stream--There is VERY little luggage space when its being used as a people mover.
Another thought would be to look at a Hiace coach

a.woodrow, May 2, 9:46am
Sorry jazz there are no more multipla's for sale on trademe. Maybe they've been banned!!

kazbanz, May 3, 6:07am
mate you have seen the OP's budget havent you.

ianalice1, May 3, 9:07am
We gota 1999 2.3 Vtech Honda Odyssey. Very comfortable, even with 7 up. With all seats theres still room at back for pushchairs, etc. Great car.

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