Cost of starter motor for Opel Astra

smoshy16, Apr 14, 5:24am
Just wondering what you would expect to pay for an Opel Astra (2000) starter motor both new and used!

How big a job is it to put in!

The reason I ask is that my girlfriend's car needs a new one and the garage quoted $550.

It is possible there is more wrong with it but that's what she told me was the issue.

Thanks for your time.

carmedic, Apr 14, 7:38am
As long as that's new, fitted and gst inc,it doesn't sound THAT expensive.

intrade, Apr 14, 7:46am
its expensive when you look at my link starters are these days cheap as chips. new toyota hilux dieselone sold for 120$ at dasko mailer not long ago

bigfatmat1, Apr 14, 8:13am
is thatthe trade clearance price intrade if so rrp is prob 400+ I got a starter of a duetz from dasko it was $200 on special rrp price was $550

smoshy16, Apr 14, 9:08am
Thanks for the advice.

bigfatmat1, Apr 14, 9:11am
btw op I think price is ok prob $380 for starter some labour sundries gst ect.

henderson_guy, Apr 14, 10:52am
Not expensive! Here's a couple of comparisons. My ute starter motor recently was $260 fitted. New. A colleague bought a new starter motor for his 8 ton truck.$580. I would suggest you call an auto electrician rather than a mechanic, it's more their field.

dent, Apr 14, 10:57am
Yes $580 for the starter then you have removal and fitting. Suddenly its cost 700-800. As much as we would like to say one starter cost the same as another. This is not ever the case. The more you sell the cheaper they get. Unfortunately a astra is always going to cost a little more for parts due to not as many produced.

bigfatmat1, Apr 14, 7:46pm
neither are a holden astra though are they Ihave fiited starters that have costed thousands for a ute and a truck. Compare apples with apples

elect70, Apr 15, 1:29am
Get autosparkyto bench test it before throwing awaymoney on new 1. Could just be solenoid contacts or brushes, & cost1/4 of new tofix .Rare for them to actually "burn out "i have seen them drawing400 ampsdue to worn rear bush&armature contacting pole peice,& not burn out(XD Falcon )

smoshy16, Apr 15, 10:04am
Thank you for your responses. We'll go ahead and pay it. We can't afford to be without a car.

trunks2022, Apr 15, 10:08am
I had a used starter motor put in my '97 Civic, was about $200 all up at the Honda dealer.

ceebee2, Apr 16, 5:31am
In my experience with starter overhauling it is rare for a starter to be a "throw away" as most of them simply may require a new set of brushes. Tap the starter with a hammer.yes a hammer (NOT on the little cylinder on top of it though) This may shock the brushes out a wee bit further to start it. If this works you can then drive it to the local Auto sparky to have the brushes replaced. As mentioned do not take it to a Mechanic, not many know about auto electrics.

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