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evan444, May 29, 8:33am
Hi I am trying to locate a 1300 Austin land crab motor to use as parts or to replace my current one any one able to help!

supernova2, May 29, 11:45am
Depending on what bits you need dont forget the Allegro and Marina 1300 had a lot in common with the Austin 1300.

solarboy, May 29, 12:35pm
"Land Crab"was the 1800 cc motor.

mrfxit, May 29, 8:15pm
OHhhh give it up will ya.
They ALL got called "land crabs" because of their shared basic design & lack of speed.
In general terms .
Whats the biggest difference between an 850cc Mini & an 1800cc Maxi & everything in between .

mrfxit, May 29, 8:16pm
Agreed, BMC/ BLMC shared a lot of parts between all those basic designs

whqqsh, May 29, 8:26pm
Im sure my Maxi was a 1750, had witten on the back 'Landcrabis Vulgarus' surprised how many people didnt get it

smac, May 29, 8:32pm
Oi! Don't tar me with that brush!

bwg11, May 29, 10:10pm
Absolutely correct. The one and only "land crab" was the ADO17, or the 1800. How dare you categorise my mini as such.

richardmayes, May 30, 12:19am
I've heard a Morris 1300 engine will drop straight in.

andy61, May 30, 12:39am
The Landcrab was always the 1800 and the 1100/1300 were called smoky roadblocks.

smac, May 30, 12:50am

babcorp, May 30, 4:56am
Lets not forget the 3 litre landcrab.

jrlaw, May 30, 5:01am
But I feel this person is trying to find a replacement engine not a long chatter about other models.

ladatrouble, May 30, 5:37am
No, the 1800 was the only one called Landcrab

modie61, May 30, 5:48am
^^^^^ Correct.
Allegro was a sturdy British bulldog !

taipan4, May 30, 5:56am
all pommy cars of that era came with an optional drip tray

movnon, May 30, 6:21am
(10 liters !)

fryan1962, May 30, 6:31am
he might be after a motor,but it is also good for other to get educated about nick names and such

thank you guys

bmc460, May 30, 6:37am
if its british and its not leaking oil put more in it. i own lots of british trucks and tractors.

socram, May 30, 8:08am
"Landcrab" was only ever applied to the 1800 and I believe it had something to do with its rather square dimensions when viewed from above during the London to Sydney rally (which it so nearly won).
1300s/1100s, Minis and some Allegros shared the A series motor, but the 1800cc is a B series motor and I think the Maxi and other Allegros had E Series motors, or was that the Montego!
Whatever, it doesn't help the OP, but please don't call the 1100cc/1300cc a Land Crab - as it just doesn't apply.

sr2, May 30, 8:55am
+1, there was only ever one 'Land crab".

realtrader1, May 30, 9:12am
See if you can find a Metro as they used the A series engine and maybe you can find one with fewer k's on it.

mgmad, May 30, 9:18am
Finding a Metro is quite difficult these days, as smac has already pulled them all apart, and they're certainly not as cheap as they were a few years ago. Almost certainly better off to rebuild your current engine with new bits, they're cheap enough, easy to work on and then you know you've got good parts that aren't going to need replacing any time soon.

smac, May 30, 9:23am
Actually, for the record, I've never robbed one of them :)

I do eye them lustfully though when I see them.

peter148, May 30, 9:26am
I had the 1750 Austin Maxi and the engine was so gutless that is was dangerous to drive in heavy traffic.For example if I was stopped at a roundabout and wanted to accelerate into a gap in the traffic flow it would like like I was moving in slow motion, whilst all those jap import cars whizzed by me at what seemed like 100 kms an hour.
So a 1300cc engine Austin would only be an accident waiting to happened if you planned to use the vehicle on busy city roads with vehicles that are 10xquicker at acceralating, breaking, changing lanes etc.

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