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l.a.p.d, May 31, 4:33am
Has anyone dealt with Polar cars Wellington! Experiences!

thunderbolt, May 31, 4:36am
I heard that a Walrus took his car in there for inspection, and they told him he had blown a seal.
He laughed and said, No, I just finished an ice cream.

I will get my hat.

guest, Nov 26, 9:44am
Hi there. My name's Phill,I live in johnsonville. My family and I recently purchased a Mazda MPV from Polar cars wellington and they were great. It's run by a honest chap by the name of Simon. He's Chinese and created the business from the ground up. He really looked after us so well it was jaw dropping.

I actually arranged to meet him before buying a car because I didn't know anything about Polar cars - and I'm pretty un-trusting, but Simon was even happy to meet at his house! Not only did we get a great car, the price was extremely competitive.

He has an actual car yard out in Lower hutt / Petone. Personally, I'd go out and meet him - see the cars there as talking on the phone is not always the easiest method of communication.

He's not pushy, he's really open to listening to what you want and he helped us to get a fantastic car that our family loves.

Tell him Phill sent you - just for a laugh , see if he remembers me lol
Happy car shopping! PS I estimate that you're going to save a minimum of 2K buying from Simon as opposed to other cars. I did my homework on this one. You just have to be patient.

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