Relicensing fees. Why does it cost more to register a diesel car than a petrol one i cant a brake down of the cost on the intern

vanderbel, Jul 3, 3:41am
Why does it cost more to register a diesel car than a petrol one, I can??

intrade, Jul 3, 3:46am
because they want to screw uss over thats why it costs more.

franc123, Jul 3, 4:08am
It's because drivers/owners of diesel vehicles lodge more accident injury claims than anyone else as a group, of course a large amount of them are farm/company/commercial freight style vehicles, and SUV's.Laugh (or cry) if you want to but ACC have got the stats to prove it.

stevo2, Jul 3, 4:29am
So lets get this straight. I have a diesel Hiace van 2500cc auto so if I sold it and bought a 2700cc petrol version instead, I would be less likely to be involved in an accident. Yeah Right.

johnf_456, Jul 3, 4:41am
As in same as the above, acc is based on stats. Or is that now considered stupid, i see you didnt use "cheers stevo" at the end. Oh and johnf_456. :)

pzkpfw, Jul 3, 4:49am
Same way they decided how to charge for motorcycle relicensing.

attitudedesignz, Jul 3, 4:51am
It's because you choose to drive a dirty smelly polluting vehicle powered by something the devil invented. You deserve to be charged more for the pure fact of what you're doing to the enviroment with your poison.

pandai, Jul 3, 5:01am
ACC levies are part of the petrol prices, whereas diesel prices do not include ACC levies - they add it to the licencing fees.

vanderbel, Jul 3, 5:03am
The car that I am purchasing produces less pollutants in its diesel variant than its petrol version (both euro 5 standards)

cjdnzl, Jul 3, 5:08am
Correct - and the only post so far to be so.They base the ACC charge on kms done by diesel vehicles and equate it to the ACC take from petrol over a similar distance.

d.snell, Jul 3, 5:08am
You'd think it would be more logical to include them as part of RUC's, certainly a fairer way, but I suppose they didn't want to hike them up too much. Easier to hide by splitting the expenses between the two. Doesn't seem that costly that way.

suplyuparts, Jul 3, 6:33am
how much for 12months rego.!.like $600 isnt it.!

franc123, Jul 3, 6:39am
Statistically yes.

smac, Jul 3, 7:48am
This is the actual reason, however it's far more popular to blow on about diesels and accidents rates and the govt. screwing us over etc etc.

dave653, Jul 4, 5:06am
Dads 3.0 V6 Terrano was a lot more to rereg than my 3.1 L6 Belmont! Picking on 4WD's!

ema1, Jul 4, 5:52am
Too true,
The A.C.C.levies thing is a bit fat fetched to my mind, no levies on diesel fuel to be sure but it makes re licensing a diesel an expensive exercise.
I had a diesel car for several years until recently but with present conditions etc, I won't be buying another one anytime soon.
When I originally bought the diesel car about 8 years ago there was a distinct advantage over petrol but that's now history in this country I'm afraid unless you are doing big distances in commercial usage.

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