Green Brake Fluid

cowlover, May 20, 8:47am
Just doing the usual checks on my 91 Navara and find the brake fluid is bright green (like antifreeze).It looks new and clean.It smells and feels like ordinary brake fluid.It needs a top up - pads are down but ok.Is it likely to bethat silicon stuff or what!Anybody know what I should use!

robotnik, May 20, 9:01am
I believe OEM VW and Audi brake fluid is green. May also be a type of racing fluid. But how are your brakes, has someone put antifreeze in their by mistake! Oops!

jmma, May 20, 9:02am
Its been nuked(o:

cowlover, May 20, 9:12am
Alien blood maybe!.Brakes seam fine.Its been a local vehicle for 17 years and it's unlikely that anyone in Rotorua would stock OEM VW/Audi fluid me thinks let alone chuck it at a clappedout ute.

rpvr, May 20, 9:23am
The basic brake fluid sold by Supercheap is bright green (can't remember what the brand is called now) but I've had it in my old work car for a year or so now and no problems. It's normal DOT4 brake fluid.

petal_91, May 20, 9:25am
You may have coolant contamination in your brakes or possibly copper corrosion in the fluid. Best to get it flushed.

rpvr, May 20, 9:27am
Trying to figure out how you could possibly get coolant contamination in your brakes!

zooki007, May 20, 9:28am
The new b/fluid at work is bright blue. Dot 3 heavy duty. Can't be mixed with other brake fluids either.
We also have Dot4 which is a normal gold colour fluid.
Might pay to do a complete change/flush, if you don't know what it is, so you have fluid in it that is compatible with whatever you can easily obtain.

petal_91, May 20, 9:29am
Someone probably mistook the coolant filler for the brake reservoir.

rpvr, May 20, 9:34am
Just hopped out to my garage and had a look - the brand from Supercheap is SCA, heavy duty dot 4 brake fluid, it's in a black bottle and is an Australian product. You got a Supercheap store in Rotorua! I'm picking that's where it came from. Perfectly good brake fluid, no need to worry.

cowlover, May 20, 10:47am
Thats all.Supersheep here we come for some more of it.Google brought up an aussie manufactured grren fluid so I'd say thats what sca are selling.It looks kinda cool in the MC tank too!

thewomble1, May 20, 12:38pm
Another product going "green" to save the planet.

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