Cost of replacing rear brake pads

aitchdub, Jun 9, 12:11am
Can anyone tell me roughly what I'd pay to have the rear brake pads replaced on a 2000 Maxima!

carmedic, Jun 9, 12:34am
$100 inc parts, labour and gst.

therafter1, Jun 9, 12:36am
It will be dependent upon thequality of the pads that you choose. Done properly it is about a one hour job. So your starting point will be the hourly rate of the repairer that you choose with the cost of the pads selection on the top. We do cheapies (silverline) for between $100 to $120 fitted and bedded in.

therafter1, Jun 9, 12:38am
Snap, but I spent two minutes longer 'typing' than you did lol

floscey, Jun 9, 12:39am
silverline are dusty dirty pads. You can do a better quality pad for same price.

therafter1, Jun 9, 12:46am
I can yes, but I just work there so I do what I'm told ! . I assume that if you are an employee you do likewise of course !

aitchdub, Jun 9, 12:56am
Thanks folks.

therafter1, Jun 9, 12:58am
Not a worry, you now have a ball park figure at least.

aitchdub, Jun 9, 1:04am
Neighbour helped me change them, now I know to get Stella, not Lion Red for him!

xs1100, Jun 9, 5:57am
well there you go 100 bux of stella should see him right for the next job

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