Isuzu mu

jono450, Aug 4, 6:15am
i just want a hack to use to tow my tandem mainly every day but only around town for my workeruthink this will do cheers
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mugenb20b, Aug 4, 6:18am
Ummm.the auto ones are gutless, try and get a manual one. And replace the cambelt if there is no service history.

jono450, Aug 4, 6:20am
ok but i dont want to spend much more than $1500 preaty hard to find something cheep these days

jono450, Aug 4, 6:22am
yeh its going to have a hard life if i get it but realy only need it for 1 year

wimjen, Aug 5, 7:28am
i had a manual MU. couldnt fault it, towed like a dream, had plenty of grunt, and cheap to run. kept oil clean, and did filters every 6 months. was great machine

malben, Aug 5, 7:33am
The 2.8's have a lot of problems. Bo for the 3.1

mugenb20b, Aug 5, 7:33am
Bollocks! 2.8 was better.

offrd1, Aug 5, 8:13am
Rubbish 2.8's are the better .they area good little wagon,had one for 8 years and it was thrashed.very little problems,had done 500,000 when i sold it

male_timaru, Aug 5, 11:13am
that one will be fine - you need to check and see if egr is still attached (connected and operating) and that the diesel injectors and pump are ok - if a pre-purchase check in a garage comes up saying these need to be done then you have saved money!

Ask them to do a full engine compression test too - tha autos are great - i know someone who used them day in day out running to and from central from Timaru and daily round town towing massive loads and said they were great!

drew2009, Aug 5, 2:20pm
For that money you won't find anything for that application; that is likely to last for a year without any further repair cost.

mugenb20b, Aug 6, 12:25am
Sorry M_T, but they are not. They are absolute rubbish. Some will do high mileages, but a lot of them won't. And they sap up a lot of engine power too.

bubbles52, Aug 6, 8:07am
Auto ones are total crap, 2.8 was miles better than 3.1

male_timaru, Aug 6, 1:51pm
i know people who disagree - they say it is more FUN in a manual but have never had issues with autos!

male_timaru, Aug 6, 1:52pm
]i know people who disagree - they say it is more FUN in a manual but have never had issues with autos!

and yep agree 2.8 were better engines - little less power but could handle free boost and egr removal very well lol

shiyo, Aug 6, 7:39pm
auto here and still going great. Hubby altered the air cleaner and it made a huge difference to it get up and go. Never had any issues, had it 3.5 years now

mugenb20b, Aug 6, 7:47pm
Yes, but I know people who almost went bankrupt having auto ones. If you are looking at auto 4WDs, get a Hilux.

jono450, Aug 6, 8:58pm
ive got a 91 ltd landcruiser and a 98 dodge ram, its just goin to be for my worker , highly unlikly i will find a highlux 4 1k mugen. just looking for a hack for 1k and the mu are around that price and teranos are aswell

drew2009, Aug 6, 9:09pm
Highly unlikely you will find anything good for that money. I feel sorry for the worker that has to drive anything that cheap with a tandem trailer in tow most of the time for a year lol. You buy yourself two flash as wagons but you won't buy a decent business vehicle!

Added: At least allow 2 or 3k gives you alot more options.

drew2009, Aug 6, 9:48pm
Just calling it like it looks having read the whole thread, The intended application was mentioned. Not gona waste my time arguing and poisoning the ops thread but clearly a dose of reality is needed.
Take a look around the 4WD car market, and then remember it will only get worse. I'm only offering my two cents i couldnt care less who takes it or leaves it, that aint up to me.

drew2009, Aug 6, 10:13pm
That is very true. To many smaller cars get overloaded to hell,, u see it alot in christchurch with everyone leaving town.

jono450, Aug 6, 11:03pm
the 2 workers have earnt the wagens they drive .and have proved themselves and the new worker will have to do that as well thats just the way is is with me so you can feel sorry for him as much as you want you can even come up here and hold his hand but he is still only getting a 1 k wagen to start with and prove he wants to work, and he doesnt have a vehchile so he will be happy just to get one. plus the two metioned wagens are work hacks aswell i wouldent put the in the flash catergory

jono450, Sep 16, 6:48pm
didnt get it