Your favourite engine sound

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morrisman1, Jul 28, 9:21am
Go on, share with us your favourite engine sound, link to a video if you can find one so we all can experience the eargasm that you do.

One of mine that springs to mind would have to be the classic Commer TS3, cant beat the sound of a two stroke diesel with three cylinders. Such rasp.!v=JrAoj5Cuu68!v=QbaUi4A3ZVQ&feature=fvwrel

petermcg, Jul 28, 9:28am
soundracer V8

countrypete, Jul 28, 9:28am
Revvin a cold diesel engine like that. Excellent for the long term life of the engine - NOT.But yes, did sound kinda cool!

ginga4lyfe, Jul 28, 9:31am!v=TSlkKO-ERD0 <TVR!v=foDcLUhUKqI <Lambo

and I too think the rootes TS3 engine sounds awesome

sebatrons13, Jul 28, 9:34am
Have to be the 2JZ-GTE Supras.

tshop, Jul 28, 9:35am
Would have to be a triple cylinder, the Daihatsu's, Suzukis etc. all owners of these csrs would agree I,m sure.

ginga4lyfe, Jul 28, 9:35am
hmm ya know, those 2 stroke engines dont mind it too much, its from my understanding that those old diesels were made out of quite heavy cast iron all the way through, a little bit of revving like that is in no way harmful, besides its only from about 450 rpm to about 700 rpm that many of those were revved at

ninja_man, Jul 28, 9:37am

golem, Jul 28, 9:38am

tshop, Jul 28, 9:40am
V12 if you like scream the movie

tractor9, Jul 28, 9:43am
Briggs and Stratton on a Sunday morning

morrisman1, Jul 28, 9:51am
Morning as in 6am!

just_lookin1, Jul 28, 9:55am
hubby has a 350 chev motor in his jetboat and i reckon the noise it makes when idling is best.

mrcat1, Jul 28, 9:57am

flat_white_ltd, Jul 28, 9:59am
Triple kwaka 750 riceburners. Luv 'em.( I still ride mine regularly :) :)
Nothing sounds like 'em.40 yr old machines now ,,& they still SMELL & sound manic, sweet, & pissed-off, all at the same time.:)
(Not everyone's cup of tea, i know. but still .!v=5qROwMqCLAw&feature=related!v=kzaBsGvXcsw&feature=related

sw20, Jul 28, 9:59am

scoobeey, Jul 28, 10:03am
my 6v71 NOTHING beats it:)))

scoobeey, Jul 28, 10:04am
Yeah my jimmy redlines at 2300 and people think they are HIGH reving engines geesh

flat_white_ltd, Jul 28, 10:07am
pmsl. low pass! .i reckon.
(lol at presenter.when he ducks & shouts."F^^k-Me .")

morrisman1, Jul 28, 10:09am
Well funny you mention it, thats what initially reminded me of the Commer knocker. A friend sent me a pic of one of the Mount Cook Dennings coaches so I went looking for the beautiful sound they make and then remembered the TS3.

heres the sound of the 6v71:!v=yMLROg48A3A Theres some really nice sounding aircraft but in general anything with 6 cylinders or more in a plane sounds great. Radials cannot be beaten for the sound they make.!v=LyUJIC6I7ic

mapman, Jul 28, 10:12am!v=PXqszbb44vA&feature=related
Show me another small 4 banger that sounds like that.

paddy1234, Jul 28, 10:37am

tshop, Jul 28, 10:42am

illusion_, Jul 28, 10:47am

pge, Jul 28, 10:54am