This really annoys me: cars showing up in searches

fred-a, Jul 2, 5:48am
I hate this. You search for a car under (say) $4000 and you get cars showing up at $10,000 or even $20,000 because the lister has put a value much less than the inital bid price in order to get into more searches.
It stinks, or is it just me!
The other day I did a search of cars under $4k in Wellington and of the 300 or so, 29% (yes, a third!) had a starting bid of well above $4k.gggrrrr.

Yes reported to TM but they claim that it's based on the value that the lister puts when they list the car. Why on earth can't it just be that if you have a car with an initial bid price of $XXXX, you don't appear in searches that are less than that!
Makes for a very unpleasant searching experience as you have to check the bid price each time you find a car you think you might like, to make sure the minimum bid isn't thousands of dollars above what you searched for.
How hard can it be!

gunhand, Jul 2, 5:54am
I think listing 50 different cars/bikes so it shows up no matter what ya lookin foris worse.
If im looking for a Honda Blackbird I dont want to see a bloody Kawasaki Ninja or vice versa.

phillip.weston, Jul 2, 5:56am
Just filter the search results by the highest or lowest price, and then skip the end of the results which have the higher prices. Easy.

alltorque350, Jul 2, 5:58am
boo hoo

fred-a, Jul 2, 6:00am
shouldn't have to filter - you shouldn't be able to find cars over $4k if that's what you searched for.
Alltorque - we all have things that annoy us, you don't have to agree. i am just venting my frustration at the thing that annoys me.

neo_psy, Jul 2, 6:15am
Urgh - I don't see the point. If your budget is $4K, you aren't going to spend $20K.

I hate the mongrels that put 1000 keywords in their ads so you get their tripe when you're searching for something.

rob_man, Jul 2, 6:32am
Yeah, that really pisses me off too.

alltorque350, Jul 2, 6:39am
If it gets more people viewing your auction it must be a good thing.

fordcrzy, Jul 2, 6:40am
don't even bother searching "RX3" youll be very very dissappointed with DX corollas and crappy cefiros

zephyrheaven, Jul 2, 6:40am
I personally like the $0 asking price on certain classifieds, "Ok Boss - what ya want for it" "Um swaps or cash offers"
"OK mate, like $2000 or $20,000 because I dunno where to start"


gunhand, Jul 2, 6:46am
It wouldnt be so bad if the cars were even a close match, but if im looking for a Merc I dont want to see a Falcon, if I want an XR8 I don't want a bloody 3.8 POS VN commodore.Theres no point having a search bar if it can not be used as such.
Some people do want to search for specific things and dont want pages of crap to filter through.

neo_psy, Jul 2, 6:55am
Nah - all it does it piss off people who aren't interested remotely in what they're selling.

If I was a real dork, I'd community watch them, but meh.

supernova2, Jul 2, 7:49am
You think cars are a problem; try looking in houses.I love the dorks that cant tell the difference between $360.000 and $360,000.I tried to buy a house for $360.00 once and vendor got real p'd off when i told him a contract is a contract and if he didnt honour the deal I'd sue him.To this day I doubt that he ever worked out what a twit he was advertising a house for $360.00

daryl14, Jul 2, 8:48am
I think it's the fault of TM itself. you search for a certain range within a category and they give you a couple each side so you have to view more.

Apparently there are changes to the search engines in the pipes.

fred-a, Jul 2, 9:16am
The answer is pretty simple for TM to implement: If a car has an inital bid of say $10,000, then unless you search at or above $10k you car doesn't appear in searches. I don't want to see cars over $10k when i search for under $4k (which is what happens now).

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