Invercargill.hilux surf trade for petrol car.

simeon_, Aug 4, 6:26am
i have a 1988 hilux surf i want to trade for a any petrol vehicle

buyme3, Aug 4, 6:26am

petermcg, Aug 4, 6:32am
ok ill do it

simeon_, Aug 4, 6:53am
2149002 ring me if anyone keen

nathanmac, Aug 4, 7:01am
i have a 1958 Morris Minor 4 door to swap.Actually there's only 3 doors left.Motor beside the car.Has 70% of the floor in good condition, the other 30% has returned to Earth. In generally sound condition except for any inherent problems. Structurally. different to it's factory condition.Only one crossmember has been cut with axe to aid removal of said engine.Some glass, broken. Was painted. Deal!

simeon_, Aug 6, 9:04am
truck in good order .2.4 diesel turbo.manual hubs and gearbox.turbo has had recent work.make gd off roader

nathanmac, Aug 6, 10:27am
i've still got the morrie.950cc currently full of rainwater.hubs move when pushed, gearbox apparently. carburettor fell off.travels well on trailer

morrisman1, Aug 6, 10:42am
Do you still need those bonnet badges nathanmac!

nathanmac, Aug 6, 10:44am
no managed to track down a set, cheers.

andrea_w, Aug 6, 10:44am
nathanmac - that is the deal of the century, why hasn't the OP taken you up on it yet!!
Does that puddle of rainwater come with complementary goldfish!

nathanmac, Aug 6, 10:48am
no it didn't come with the accessory goldfish originally, but it might be the marketing edge i need to get me over the line on this deal - cheers!

simeon_, Aug 7, 7:00am
anybody interested

nathanmac, Aug 7, 7:01am
well don't say i didn't offer.

simeon_, Aug 7, 7:02am
morrie not what i want at the moment .cheers for the offer.need something suitable for work.

nathanmac, Sep 18, 2:16am
it'll give you hours of work in the garage.!