Top Gear, never happy *SPOILER*

lugee, Aug 6, 5:52am
The Top Gear guys really aren't fully happy with a car. Take the new Aston Martin Virage for example, May ripped into it for being to rough and unrefined. But when Hammond reviews the new Lamborgini Aventador (SPOILER, yet to air here), he rips into that for being to smooth and too refined, despite its blazing performance. Sometimes they are a wee bit too critical.

morrisman1, Aug 6, 8:19pm
have you thought about the context! One car may is a GT while the other a supercar which is part of a line of cars with reputation and this one is different to its older brothers

richardmayes, Aug 7, 2:59am
I'm inclined to accept what the top gear boys are saying. Astons are all about super luxury speed, whereas you'd expect a Lamborghini to be utterly brutal.

Besides, they day they discover the "perfect" car they'll have to give up making that tv series.

lugee, Sep 18, 7:17am
I think that Lamborghini wasn't trying to make the Aventador refined, but that it was a side effect of redesigning the suspension system for better handling. I mean if it can beat the old Lambo by 4 seconds with only 20 extra horsepower then they're done some thing right. There gets to be a point where you can't just keep increasing engine power for speed and you have to improve suspension and handling. Anyway, I think it looked brutal enough, and Hammond even said that it felt like it was 'punching him in the head' during acceleration.