Importing hi fi gear

gilligan2, Jul 29, 9:54am
Just buy off of ebay through an international seller

dave653, Jul 29, 10:19pm
I've had Ozzy retailers say no to posting here!

sr2, Jul 29, 11:18pm
Yes the price looks pretty attractive with the low US dollar but you??

cummingsra1, Jul 30, 7:50am
Technically, yes as there is no exemption from GST or duty (if applicable) for the goods even if they are for a present. There is a gift concession which can be applied or claimed, which is to the value of $110 for a genuine gift.

srrolla76, Aug 7, 3:59am
instead of importing have u had a decent look around nz first! theres a great and pretty resonable place in auckland called "surplas tronics" who stock a good range. might be worth a try

ryanm2, Aug 7, 4:32am
the shipping will certainly kill any savings - just for a guitar it is around the $150-$175 mark with USPS. The cheapest i have ever paid is $120.

guider1, Sep 18, 3:06pm
I'm also looking at importing some speakers from USA, $2499pr here, $400pr there.