Help. Engine overheating

gammelvind, Aug 7, 8:52pm
Battery light and overheating, sounds like the fan belt is loose or broken.

trader_84, Aug 7, 8:53pm
Could be the 'fairly old' fanbelt went west!

rob_man, Aug 7, 9:35pm
Wow, that's a first. All the replies are in agreement, and probably right too.
Who will come along and spoil it!

johnf_456, Aug 7, 10:19pm
Pop the bonnet and make sure you see a belt on all pulleys you see.

thunderbolt, Aug 7, 11:33pm
20 yr old van with a bonnet!
I think lift the seats might be a more likely option.

crzyhrse, Aug 7, 11:39pm
Nah, you're all WRONG. It'll be a head gasket for sure.

crzyhrse, Aug 7, 11:41pm
They've already had a decent crack at that by continuing to drive it.

crzyhrse, Aug 7, 11:46pm
Rob_man made me do it!

crzyhrse, Sep 21, 12:15am
Best they do a bit of preventative maintenance before leaving.