Hilux radiator problem

mikepaul46, Aug 28, 2:01am
My 3 litre turbo diesel has started losing water and over heating, I noticed the temp gauge going up so stopped and could hear bubbling sounds, air bubbles were blowing into the separate plastic reservoir and I had to add 2 litres of water to radiator, it does this bubbling almost immediatley after starting when cold, if i run it with the cap off water comes flying out of the radiator, any ideas people !

andy61, Aug 28, 2:57am
Cracked head.

mugenb20b, Aug 28, 2:59am

curlcrown, Aug 28, 4:08am
agree, just like every other fault according to anyone on this message board.

mrfxit, Aug 28, 4:15am
High chance of a cracked head.
Could also be a blocked radiator/ cooling channels in the block/head/ pin hole in a hose .
Frothy bubbles are often a crook water pump, but you said flying out . SOooo
Either way
Get it checked NOW . not later

frytime, Aug 28, 6:19am
common fualt on the early 1kzte motors to crack heads

intrade, Oct 4, 2:17am
dont forget to also replace the radiator for a brand new one with bigger coresyour up for 3000$ worth of parts to repair it. and if you never used any diesel additive with the diesel you filled in the tank then your best off to scrap it as your up for another 3 grand repair when your diesel pump and injectors are rooted.