How to extend the life of the window rubber lining

maxi090605, Aug 30, 5:00am
car is not garaged, only off-street parking. noticed cracks starting to show on window rubber lining. should I just use commercial grade tyre black polish, or can you recommend something from repco or autocheap!


mantagsi, Aug 30, 5:03am
This is a shot in the dark but have you tried unfragranced talc powder! I think that tends to keep proper rubber healthy, but not sure about synthetic rubber, or whatever odd plastic substance they use on cars!

maxi090605, Aug 30, 5:39am
hey mate, this is the outer lining i'm talking about, so putting a talk powder would make it white, plus out in the sun and rain, so no effect! cheers

gunhand, Aug 30, 5:43am
There is plenty of rubber care products at those places. Most brands have one, like armoral, turtle, mothers etc.

unbeatabull, Aug 30, 5:53am
Silicone Spray works quite well if you want a quick application.

gunhand, Aug 30, 6:04am
Yea it great stuff, you can use it for all sorts. makes the best tyre spray as well. Makes them look natural and crap dosnt stick them for ages.

lookoutas, Aug 30, 7:24am
Nor does paint. Thought you'd be onto that gun. Our painter hates anything slippery.
I was gunna mention Gibbs Auto Brand.

gunhand, Aug 30, 7:26am
Yea well thats a givin, but thats why they make degreasers and wax removers lol.No polishes etc a great for painters.

boo128, Aug 30, 9:37am
try just good ole fashion polishing oil from the supermarket, works a treat.

maxi090605, Aug 30, 4:56pm
would defintely try this one! cheers

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