Yeeehaaa. Monster V8 in WWII tank.

sifty, Aug 16, 11:45pm

splinter67, Aug 17, 12:05am
Cool instead of thrashing brap braps you can run them over and do the world a favor

friendly_prawn, Aug 17, 12:13am
haha wicked. I want one.

sossie1, Aug 17, 12:15am
Me too, i can imagine driving thru posh CH suburbs, sneering at women in immaculate over-large SUV's that have never even gone thru a muddy puddle.

desmodave, Aug 17, 3:38am
Why does it bother you what some1else drives. Are you jealous or envious !

74nova, Aug 17, 6:24am!v=YSBmwMLSsP4

Well thats pretty boring.

mantagsi, Aug 17, 8:46am
I think it is just the sheer pointlessness of these large SUV vehicles. A good deal of people who buy them do so purely because of 'conspicuous consumption'. They aren't really appropriate for urban use, and they can be quite a pest in tight areas like carparks etc, as those who drive them tend to feel as though they have the right of way in any situation. For someone stupid enough to live in Auckland such as myself, dealing with these chelsea tractors is terribly frustrating! I hope that clears it up for you.

kingfisher21, Aug 17, 9:02am
Been done, google Ripsaw

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